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Q. I have heard that one shouldn't touch Ho­moeo­pathic medicine. I have a lit­tle two year old who loves to put his medicine in his hands and then mer­rily eat them. I am afraid that the medicine would be in­ef­fec­tive then. A. This is a very wrong no­tion and should not be en­ter­tained. There are no re­stric­tions in touch­ing Ho­moeo­pathic medicines pro­vided the hands are clean. You can eas­ily al­low your lit­tle one to take them in hands be­fore pop­ping them in his mouth. Don't worry! KNOW MORE WHY US Ex­plore the world of Ho­moeopa­thy


"I came to know about Bak­son’s clinic from the ad­ver­tise­ment news­pa­per. My daugh­ter was suf­fer­ing from acute stom­ach pain back pain with fre­quent at­tacks which in­ter­fered with her growth well. I had con­sulted many al­lo­pathic doc­tors at dif­fer­ent places she got only tem­po­rary re­lief. But since I vis­ited Bak­son’s ago my daugh­ter is feel­ing ab­so­lutely fine. The pain she­has re­duced to al­most none. Thanks to “Bak­son’s Ho­moeopa­thy”. I con­sulted Bak­son’s for my hy­per­acid­ity. The re­sult I am get­ting best than any other ther­apy. "Man­ju­nath, Ban­ga­lore

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