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I’d like to share my ob­ser­va­tions about the sys­tem up­grade thatVir­gin has im­ple­mented. From the out­side, it has been an in­ter­est­ing les­son in change com­mu­ni­ca­tion. I tried to use my new shiny lo­gin on theVir­gin web­site, and I failed to lo­gin. I called the ser­vice desk and had an ex­pe­ri­ence that left me both cross and im­pressed at the change un­der­way atVir­gin. It was a man­ager that took my call, and who was clearly not versed at com­plet­ing the lo­gin pro­cesses. Nor­mally I would have com­plained, but it was what hap­pened next that im­pressed me. When I asked what was caus­ing the prob­lems, he sim­ply said – we have had a sub­stan­tial change in our sys­tems, which in a few months will make both of our lives eas­ier, and im­prove your ex­pe­ri­ence, but we are hav­ing a few teething prob­lems and for now it is all hands on deck. Well done to the front line staff, be­cause it was that team of peo­ple on the day that helped me to re­main sat­is­fied with the cus­tomer ser­vice and there­fore not com­plain. This was weeks ago, but this morn­ing the Vir­gin check-in staff at Manch­ester (al­ways a de­light) looked frus­trated. I asked why, and again I was im­pressed with the hon­est re­ply, telling me that us­ing the [new] sys­tem would ul­ti­mately help them, but that it was slow. She was right – I won’t wait 20 sec­onds for a page to load on Google. But that is what she had to con­tend with ev­ery day, sev­eral hun­dred times a day, on a front line check-in desk. My mes­sage toVir­gin is this: I hope your sys­tem is cre­at­ing the in­tended ben­e­fits and well done to the man­agers for clear con­sis­tent mes­sag­ing. But please con­sider, ev­ery minute you save through some back­end alteration, your front­line staff feel the strain the most. It isn’t fair on them and I hope it im­proves, oth­er­wise you’ll burn out the good will that the staff have for the com­pany.

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