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I am a huge fan of your mag­a­zine and rarely miss an is­sue. I was go­ing through the pre­vi­ous is­sue and came across an in­ter­est­ing let­ter re­gard­ing the ad­di­tion of a body-kit for the Škoda Su­perb. While I’m not into cos­metic up­grades my­self, it made me won­der if I could ac­tu­ally boost the per­for­mance of my own car. I own a Maruti Suzuki Swift VDI ABS from the first lot of the diesel Swifts, the ones which in­tro­duced the gloss sky blue colour. (I like it. It makes me happy!) I was won­der­ing if I could in­stall a per­for­mance chip in it. Are there any rec­om­mended tuners I should know about in Ben­galuru it­self? Please let me know.

R Raviki­ran, Ben­galuru

Dear Raviki­ran,

Any tuner should be able to help you. Pete’s tun­ing box is an op­tion that will be eas­ily avail­able in Ben­galuru and will op­ti­mise the per­for­mance of your Swift by five to 10 per cent or even more.

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