Brake-by-wire tech­nol­ogy rep­re­sents the re­place­ment of tra­di­tional com­po­nents such as pumps, hoses, flu­ids, vac­uum ser­vos and mas­ter cylin­ders with elec­tronic sen­sors and ac­tu­a­tors. It presently ex­ists on com­mer­cial ve­hi­cles un­der the name Elec­tronic Brak­ing Sys­tem (EBS), man­u­fac­tured by a few com­pa­nies. It pro­vides elec­tronic ac­ti­va­tion of all brak­ing sys­tem com­po­nents, in­clud­ing the re­tarder and en­gine brak­ing. EBS still re­lies on com­pressed air for brak­ing, only controlling it through valves. It en­hances pre­ci­sion over con­ven­tional sys­tems, which short­ens the brak­ing dis­tance. The fall­back of EBS is to switch to or­di­nary air brake con­trol pres­sure, so even in the event of an elec­tronic fail­ure, the ve­hi­cle will still be able to make a safe stop.

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