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coun­try roads and BMW’s A ju­di­cious mix of Amer­i­can am­ple race­track of­fered us per­for­mance cen­tre its paces. the new BMW X4 through op­por­tu­ni­ties to put was like Here is what the ex­pe­ri­ence

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We were in­vited to Spar­tan­burg in South Carolina, USA, the home of BMW SUVs, to drive the all-new BMW X4. The global pro­duc­tion of all BMW X mod­els is done in Spar­tan­burg. After the suc­cess of the first gen­er­a­tion X4, BMW have re­vamped the new X4 which is now based on the all-new X3.

At the cen­tre of the strik­ing front end stands a large BMW kid­ney grille in a three-di­men­sional look. Twin head­lamp units with dy­namic con­tours and hor­i­zon­tal fog-lamps in­te­grated into the outer air in­takes form a new in­ter­pre­ta­tion of the fa­mil­iar six-eyed face. All of the light func­tions fea­ture LED tech­nol­ogy.

The pre­cise shoul­der-line, which takes in the door han­dles en route to the rear lights, and the char­ac­ter line be­tween the wheel-arches break up the sur­faces of the car’s flanks. This cre­ates clearly de­fined haunches, which are ad­di­tion­ally em­pha­sized by the drawn-in glasshouse at the rear. The coupé-style roof-line slides into the rear win­dow el­e­gantly be­fore dip­ping down steeply to the rear. The win­dow graphic also un­der­lines the dy­namic pro­por­tions of the all-new BMW X4, thanks to a smoothly ris­ing sill line that merges at the base of the C-pil­lars.

Clearly struc­tured sur­faces and hor­i­zon­tal lines shape the car’s tail. The LED rear lights, with their three-

di­men­sional shape, are slim in de­sign and po­si­tioned at the ex­treme edges of the rear. To­gether with the twin ex­haust tailpipes they mag­nify the width of the car’s rear.

The low in­stru­ment panel and the slightly raised seat­ing po­si­tion typ­i­cal of BMW X mod­els af­ford the driver a su­perb view of what’s hap­pen­ing on the road ahead. The driver-fo­cused lay­out of the cock­pit helps to cre­ate a supremely as­sured and won­der­fully sporty driv­ing ex­pe­ri­ence at all times. Re­designed sports seats with boldly con­toured side bol­sters pro­vide out­stand­ing lat­eral sup­port even in ex­treme han­dling sit­u­a­tions.

Top-class ma­te­rial, pre­cise build qual­ity, and a host of metic­u­lously crafted de­tails set the tone for the mod­ern and in­di­vid­ual pre­mium char­ac­ter of the all-new BMW X4. The sur­faces of the in­stru­ment panel and door pan­elling merge smoothly into one an­other, while the “X” lo­gos em­bossed into the elec­tro­plated sur­faces of the front and rear doors are eye-catch­ing de­tails. The am­bi­ent light­ing — adding ex­tra light sources around the cen­tre con­sole, in­stru­ment panel, in the door pan­elling, and in the foot­walls — en­hances the sense of well-be­ing in the in­te­rior of the all-new BMW X4. The light­ing mood can be ad­justed as the driver pleases thanks to a choice of six colours.

The Am­bi­ent Air pack­age now avail­able for the all-new BMW X4 pu­ri­fies the air by means of ion­iza­tion, at the same time as fra­granc­ing the in­te­rior.

There is a choice of eight scents in all and driv­ers are able to set three lev­els of in­ten­sity.

An­other new op­tion is the BMW Dis­play Key. Fuel level, re­main­ing range, and ser­vice in­for­ma­tion are all shown on its 2.2-inch touch dis­play, while the key can also be used to lock the doors, close the power win­dows and op­er­ate the op­tional aux­il­iary heat­ing sys­tem.

Three full-size seats are fit­ted in the rear com­part­ment of the all-new BMW X4, pro­vid­ing the pas­sen­gers there with an ad­di­tional 27 mil­lime­tres of legroom over the pre­de­ces­sor model.

The all-new BMW X4 will be launched with a choice of lat­est-gen­er­a­tion power units com­pris­ing two petrol and two diesel engines, each with four cylin­ders and 2.0-litre dis­place­ment. Their ad­vanced BMW Twin Power Turbo tech­nol­ogy prom­ises dy­namic power de­liv­ery ac­com­pa­nied by re­mark­ably low fuel con­sump­tion and emis­sion.

Round­ing off the line-up are two BMW M Per­for­mance mod­els with six­cylin­der in-line engines un­der the bon­net, one petrol and one diesel, as well as an­other straight-six diesel unit. All model vari­ants di­rect their en­gine’s power to the road via an eight-speed Step­tronic trans­mis­sion and BMW xDrive in­tel­li­gent all-wheel drive as stan­dard, re­sult­ing in ef­fort­less pro­gres­sion over smooth roads and rough ter­rain alike. Gear se­lec­tions can be made man­u­ally, us­ing the shift pad­dles on the steer­ing wheel.

The body-shell has shed 50 kg with the smart use of alu­minium and steel con­struc­tion. The front sus­pen­sion set-up is dou­ble wish­bone with anti-roll bar and the rear is a multi-link set-up.

The driv­ing route in the US was mainly on coun­try roads with hardly any mo­tor­way driv­ing and we also had a ses­sion on the BMW per­for­mance cen­tre race­track. This gave us am­ple op­por­tu­nity to test the han­dling of the new X4 M40d. The straight six M40d mo­tor pro­duces 326 PS and 680 Nm.

On the road in eco mode, one can cruise along all day ef­fort­lessly and if one wishes to have some fun, one should se­lect the sport mode for a to­tally dif­fer­ent car that one can throw around cor­ners like a sports car.

On the track, my lead driver shared his name with the all-time great For­mula 1 driver, the Fly­ing Scots­man Jim Clark. After a cou­ple of laps, we switched off the trac­tion con­trol and then the fun and games started. The han­dling of the X4 is like any BMW sedan. Even with the high ground clear­ance, the car holds the line through long cor­ners and, at the same time, does not lose com­po­sure dur­ing high-speed di­rec­tion change. I had a ball get­ting her side­ways ex­it­ing cor­ners in con­trol.

If you are look­ing to buy a car with SUV-like ground clear­ance and, at the same time, have the han­dling and per­for­mance of sporty sedan, then the new BMW X4 is just the car for you.

( Right) Cabin is ele­gant and driver­fo­cused; con­trols are within easy reach

( Aboveright) Straight six diesel is highly re­fined and de­liv­ers in­stant re­sponse

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