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Be­ing di­vided into batches usu­ally means one of two things: a class­room ses­sion or a visit to a cleared park­ing lot lined with cones be­fore ac­tu­ally tast­ing the race­track. This time it was the for­mer fol­lowed by the lat­ter, where we had some be­he­moths with four wheels, more or less 600 horses, and four-wheel drive, as well as per­mis­sion to tap that “ESC OFF” but­ton; after a quick sight­ing lap, of course. On to the timed runs and there I was in the RS 7 per­for­mance — a car that’s proved to be just as fun in the wet as it is in the dry. Pow­er­ing off to­wards the cones meant a jab on the brakes and a sharp turn in, back on the throt­tle, turn in sharply, more throt­tle, slide the rear out, catch it, back on the gas hard and into the box brak­ing hard to a stand­still. A time of 24.3 sec­onds. Right.

On to the RS 6, my favourite busi­ness suite with a stor­age room that’s also mighty fast. Make that mighty and fast. Slid­ing may look dra­matic and cap­ture mo­bile phone flashes, but not slid­ing makes for a quicker time. And, after get­ting the big red box into the or­ange cone box, 20.3 on the clock re­in­forced that truth. And this had the same big blown 4.0 V8 with 560 horses — 45 less than the RS 7 per­for­mance — and quat­tro all-wheel drive.

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