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In­fra­struc­ture up gra­da­tion and look­ing aW hxSrhVV LQGuVWry aV a YLWaO SarW oI WKh hFoQoPy ZouOG Eh WKh Pa­jor WaVN EhIorh WKh FouQWry. “AV SarW oI our WraGh IaFLOLWaWLoQ LQLWLaWLYh, Zh (e,&,) VhW uS &oPPoQ UVhr Ex­press Ter­mi­nals at Mum­bai, Ban­ga­lore aQG DhOKL WhrPLQaOV. :h KaYh a 333 ZLWK ,QGLaQ &uVWoPV Wo joLQWOy GhYhOoS eD, Ior ex­press clear­ances. We have been work­ing with var­i­ous gov­ern­ment and other agen­cies Wo hQVurh EhWWhr IaFLOLWaWLoQ oI WKh WraGh,” Ku­mar stressed.

“The im­ple­men­ta­tion of the pro­posed uQLIorP GooGV & 6hrYLFh Tax (G6T) Pay see a shift in trend in the move­ment of JooGV aQG ZLOO PaNh LW hFoQoPLFaOOy YLaEOh Wo VLPSOLIy GLVWrLEuWLoQ QhWZorN aQG rhVuOW LQ hFoQoPLhV oI OarJh VFaOh oShraWLoQV,” VaLG Khanna.

“, WKLQN WKLV LQGuVWry LV Yhry com­pet­i­tive, has wit­nessed sig­nif­i­cant growth, and can progress fur­ther, pro­vided the Gov­ern­ment of In­dia works handin-hand to­wards re­form­ing trans­par­ent aQG rhJuOaWory SoOLFLhV, EhWWhr OaEour

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