Strict, strong vig­i­lance needed to stop cargo pil­fer­age

Cargo han­dling pro­ce­dures at In­land Container De­pot (ICD) and Container Freight Sta­tion (CFS) for SEA busi­ness are in a very sorry state. On one hand, the ship­pers com­pro­mise too much on pack­ing cost and on the other hand, theft and steal­ing of con­tents f

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De­spite CCTV cam­eras and round-the­clock se­cu­rity, pil­fer­age is not de­terred. At least four out of ten con­tain­ers stuffed in ICD are re­ported to ar­rive with car­tons opened and con­tents miss­ing at des­ti­na­tion ICD. “If we re­ally can­not blame the ICD au­thor­i­ties for not do­ing suf­fi­cient to curb such pil­fer­ages, there was an­other re­port a few days in a leading news­pa­per that there was a proper racket run­ning their mis­chievous op­er­a­tions en route train lines from ICD to gate­way ports. As and when, a container train would stop for a tech­ni­cal halt, they would swing into ac­tion and un­screw the whole container door with all seals in­tact and make a quick at­tempt to grab what­ever they can and then put the container doors back in orig­i­nal po­si­tion,” pointed out GS Chawla, MD, Ocean King Ship­ping Ser­vices. He added,“It is high time that ware­hous­ing ser­vice providers un­der­stand that the state in which cargo ar­rives the des­ti­na­tion speaks in it­self for the state of the ware­house in which it had been packed. When we get im­ports from UK, Europe or US, cargo comes in a per­fectly packed pal­lets and just so per­fectly stacked-in or­der, which in no way seem to have moved ei­ther way,” he un­der­lined. How­ever, as in pic­tures at­tached of one of the con­tain­ers that ar­rived at des­ti­na­tion, it is of­ten found that the orig­i­nal fac­tory tapes have been cut open, con­tents re­moved, and car­tons re-taped. “Ware­hous­ing au­thor­i­ties need to im­ple­ment a strict and strong vig­i­lance and com­pletely en­sure a zero tol­er­ance zone in cargo hold­ing ar­eas. There should be no jay­walk­ing, no unau­tho­rised per­son­nel, strict search­ing and full body pat­downs of one and all ex­it­ing the ware­house gates,” Chawla ap­pealed.

GS Chawla, MD, Ocean King Ship­ping Ser­vices

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