Grow­ing with In­dia’s mar­itime ca­pac­ity

With a vi­sion to trans­form the UK’s cur­rent lo­gis­tics model and al­low­ing di­rect calls from all over the world, Liver­pool2 can pro­vide the struc­ture and lo­gis­ti­cal abil­ity to In­dian busi­nesses to de­velop in a cost-ef­fec­tive man­ner. In an in­ter­view with CAR

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Please brief us about Peel Port and its ser­vices.

With a net­work of strate­gi­cally sit­u­ated ports, ter­mi­nals, hubs, shipping lines and state-of-the-art ser­vices, Peel Ports con­nects the United King­dom (UK) and Ire­land with Europe and the rest of the world.

Liver­pool2 is Peel Ports’ new deep-wa­ter con­tainer ter­mi­nal at the Port of Liver­pool that is due for com­ple­tion in 2015. With the vi­sion to be the UK’s largest transat­lantic deep-sea port and con­tainer ter­mi­nal, the company is in­vest­ing US$512 mil­lion in the de­vel­op­ment.

Your rea­sons for se­lect­ing In­dia to pro­mote bi­lat­eral trade?

Liver­pool to­day is a global con­tainer port, and we are look­ing to im­prove our global reach. There are cer­tain trades within that global reach that we have recog­nised as be­ing pri­or­i­ties, but where we do not have a sig­nif­i­cant cur­rent foot­print. For us, In­dia most cer­tainly is one of those pri­or­i­ties. We have some good business con­tacts with in the mar­ket al­ready, largely through the gen­eral cargo and bulk cargo side of our business through the rest of our ports.

We are aware of a range of com­modi­ties orig­i­nat­ing in In­dia des­tined for the North of Eng­land and Ire­land which com­prise of prod­ucts from con­struc­tion ma­te­ri­als to gar­ments and sports­wear. We also have sig­nif­i­cant ex­port ship­ments from the UK and Ire­land, closer to Liver­pool than other ports des­tined for the In­dian mar­ket. We can pro­vide the struc­ture and lo­gis­ti­cal abil­i­ties for the business to de­velop in a cost ef­fec­tive way.

What type of cargo do you ex­pect to see trad­ing with In­dia?

As a con­tainer port, we will han­dle any­thing that can be con­tainer­ized. So, to­day we see that we han­dle a range of cargo that is any­thing from con­struc­tion ma­te­rial; we are see­ing con­tainer loads of stone and ce­ramic tile for in­stance com­ing from In­dia to-gar­ments – which we know are des­tined to our re­gion be­cause we are aware of the vol­umes of con­tain­ers be­ing shipped to some of the ma­jor cloth­ing re­tail­ers,- many of those come from In­dia. As I say, it’s the whole range of con­sum­ables that can be con­tainer­ised.

How will the new deep wa­ter con­tainer ter­mi­nal ben­e­fit ship­pers?

The sup­ply chain in UK is chang­ing with the in­crease in cost of land trans­port and com­pa­nies seek out more ef­fec­tive ac­cess to the UK mar­ket. The Port of Liver­pool’s state-of-the-art fa­cil­ity and tech­nol­ogy will pro­vide top-notch ser­vices to In­dian in­ter­na­tional shipping and freight for­ward­ing com­pa­nies.

With Liver­pool’s cur­rent ves­sel size re­stric­tions re­moved and Panama Canal be­ing widened, the new ter­mi­nal will be ca­pa­ble of giv­ing the abil­ity to han­dle the largest con­tainer ves­sels, al­low­ing more di­rect calls from all over the world.

What ex­pec­ta­tions do you have from the new Gov­ern­ment?

We see the new Gov­ern­ment in In­dia as very keen to en­sure that port in­fra­struc­ture should be im­proved. The aim is to im­prove in­fra­struc­ture sup­port­ing the ports so they can han­dle their hin­ter­lands more ef­fec­tively.

With Liver­pool2, we are also try­ing to cre­ate ef­fec­tive trans­porta­tion ben­e­fits through our prox­im­ity to the mar­kets, our con­nec­tiv­ity by road, rail and in­land water­way and by pro­vid­ing the most ef­fi­cient ter­mi­nal op­er­a­tion.

In 2013 there was a dip in terms of the vol­ume and value of ex­ports from UK to In­dia, and I think that was con­tributable to eco­nomic is­sues at that time. Dur­ing the course of this year, the vol­ume has in­creased again and it is our view that it will con­tinue to grow.

Sales Di­rec­tor – Con­tainer, Peel Ports

Peter Faker,

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