Pack­ag­ing pow­ers cargo in­dus­try

Pack­ag­ing is noth­ing else, but pro­tec­tion pro­vided to cargo. Thus, to en­sure dam­age-free trans­porta­tion of goods, there is a dire need to un­der­stand the im­por­tance of pack­ag­ing in lo­gis­tics in­dus­try. Shailen­der Anand, Part­ner & Man­ag­ing Di­rec­tor – In­dia,

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How old is the Pronk Group glob­ally, and when did you start op­er­a­tions in In­dia?

Glob­ally, we are more than 40 years old. In In­dia, we started our op­er­a­tions from May 2011 in Ben­galuru, De­cem­ber 2011 in Delhi and March 2012 in Chen­nai.

Our ma­jor fo­cus in In­dia is on ‘In­dus­trial Pack­ag­ing’ which ba­si­cally con­sists of pack­ing of heavy/odd­di­men­sional ma­chin­ery and equip­ment such as aero­nau­ti­cal prod­ucts, tur­bines, wind mills, boil­ers, cars, trucks, air­crafts, etc.

How evolved is the In­dian lo­gis­tics mar­ket to­ward in­dus­trial pack­ag­ing?

Pack­ag­ing is an in­te­gral part of lo­gis­tics in­dus­try to en­sure dam­age­free trans­porta­tion of goods. How­ever, we find two cat­e­gories of cus­tomers in In­dia; one who be­lieve any money spent on upgra­da­tion of pack­ag­ing is a waste. At the same time, there are peo­ple who have re­alised the im­por­tance of pack­ag­ing and are ready to spend on it to avoid claims.

Though that seg­ment is in­creas­ing year-on-year peo­ple down South are more re­cep­tive to the idea of good pack­ag­ing as com­pared to North.

Pack­ag­ing is not only about pack­ing cargo and send­ing it to its des­ti­na­tions. It con­tains a lot of en­gi­neer­ing ef­fort to save cost, time, money, de­lays and en­ergy.

While pre­par­ing a ship­ment, what are the points that must be con­sid­ered for pack­ag­ing?

Pack­ag­ing is noth­ing else, but pro­tec­tion pro­vided to cargo. It is not only about sup­ply­ing a box and stuff­ing cargo in it, but also that the cargo inside the box is com­pletely se­cure, and locked to en­sure dam­age-free tran­sit.

The form of pro­tec­tion should be de­cided by the cus­tomer, be­cause cus­tomer knows the prod­uct bet­ter than any­one else. So first, a cus­tomer has to de­cide whether the prod­uct needs pro­tec­tion from cor­ro­sion, scratches, da­m­ages or pil­fer­age; then ac­cord­ingly, we de­cide the pack­ag­ing so­lu­tion.

The pack­ag­ing so­lu­tion is de­signed ac­cord­ing to the need of pro­tec­tion of the par­tic­u­lar equip­ment, its mode of trans­porta­tion (air, sea, road or rail), tran­sit time and util- isa­tion of con­tain­ers which should be cost ef­fec­tive also.

Which mode of trans­porta­tion do you cater to the most in In­dia? Please tell us about your in­dus­try ver­ti­cals also.

We cater more to sea freight and break bulk car­ri­ers be­cause air sec­tor is 90 per cent cor­ru­ga­tion, and peo­ple are not look­ing much for pack­ag­ing so­lu­tions. Cur­rently, we are into power and en­ergy sec­tors, au­to­mo­biles, pharma and aero­nau­tics.

Skilled man­power is a ne­ces­sity for pack­ag­ing in­dus­try. How do you ful­fil the need?

To­day, it is very dif­fi­cult to find skilled labour in pack­ag­ing in­dus­try. I be­lieve in a blend of fresh­ers and ex­pe­ri­enced en­gi­neers. Thus, after some­time when th­ese fresh­ers gain ex­pe­ri­ence, more fresh­ers are hired, and then we have the ideal mix of trained and skilled man­power to un­der­stand tech­ni­cal­i­ties.

What is the company’s USP in terms of cre­at­ing value for cus­tomers?

We pack which is un­pack­able; any kind of odd di­men­sional cargo such as tur­bines, wind­mills tow­ers, air­crafts, rail­way coaches, rail­way en­gines, six storeyed build­ings, to name a few.

Our USP is that we give pack­ag­ing so­lu­tions and not just pack­ing ma­te­rial; we be­lieve in erad­i­cat­ing the claims our cus­tomers get from their buy­ers/con­signees due to bad pack­ag­ing.

How has Pronk an edge over its com­peti­tors?

There are good pack­ag­ing com­pa­nies, but they are re­gion­ally con­cen­trated and they are not mov­ing out from their com­fort zones. How­ever, we are across In­dia and we are grow­ing with the con­cept of giv­ing same qual­ity and ser­vice across the coun­try.

When it comes to dis­man­tling of cargo, our en­gi­neers pro­vide a com­plete man­ual to the or­gan­i­sa­tion, where we can’t reach to the cus­tomers about how it has to be opened.

You had a vast ex­pe­ri­ence in freight for­ward­ing; what brings you to pack­ag­ing?

It was the fre­quent state­ment that I heard ‘the ship­ment got dam­aged be­cause of low stan­dard of pack­ag­ing’. Due to this, there was al­ways a fight be­tween the ship­per and the con­signee, for­warders and the air­lines or the shipping lines. I saw an op­por­tu­nity and hence was en­cour­aged to join this in­dus­try.

What’s next on your to-do list?

We are work­ing on eco-friendly pack­ag­ing so­lu­tions by look­ing at var­i­ous av­enues to in­tro­duce eco-friendly bio-degrad­able pack­ag­ing prod­ucts.

Shailen­der Anand Part­ner & Man­ag­ing Di­rec­tor – In­dia Pronk Group

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