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Gandhi Au­toma­tions of­fers Porto and Max Vista–au­to­matic sec­tional over­head doors, the so­lu­tion for all in­dus­trial and com­mer­cial needs.

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Porto: Porto Sec­tional Over­head Doors are ideal for all in­dus­trial and lo­gis­tics needs. The de­sign and dif­fer­ent so­lu­tions of­fered en­sure the door to be aes­thet­i­cally pleas­ing and per­fectly suited to any ar­chi­tec­tural en­vi­ron­ment, from mod­ern and tra­di­tional in­dus­trial build­ings to fine com­mer­cial build­ings. As th­ese doors slide ver­ti­cally, stop­ping in the prox­im­ity of the ceil­ing, they blend in with the ar­chi­tec­tural fea­tures of the build­ing. Porto doors are built to en­sure the high­est ease and flex­i­bil­ity of use which, in turn en­sures a quick, has­sle free and ac­cu­rate re­place­ment of old doors. Their com­pact size en­sures more avail­able space both in­side and out­side the premises. De­pend­ing on the struc­ture of the build­ing and the re­quire­ment a choice can be made from a stan­dard lift, ver­ti­cal lift, hor­i­zon­tal lift, low head­room or in­clined lift. Porto range com­prises a wide se­ries of track sys­tems, panel op­tions and safety fea­tures. Spe­cial glazed doors pro­vide ex­cel­lent light­ing and vi­sion into the build­ing where re­quired.

Max Vista: Max Vista Sec­tional Over­head Doors are ideal for in­dus­trial and com­mer­cial build­ings. The doors are made with a com­bi­na­tion of alu­minum pan­els and trans­par­ent acrylic, grilled or meshed win­dows giv­ing it a dis­tinc­tive look and en­hanc­ing the look of a build­ing. Max Vista Doors make the en­vi­ron­ment bright and pleas­ant to work in as it al­lows nat­u­ral light to pass through the large clear ar­eas.

Gandhi Sec­tional Over­head Doors pro­vide heat in­su­la­tion and sound proof­ing, thus im­prov­ing the work­ing con­di­tions on the premises and sav­ing en­ergy. The prod­ucts are af­fixed with a CE mark mak­ing them re­li­able and safe.

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