Im­ple­ment­ing new EDI for­mats

By im­ple­ment­ing Single Win­dow System the ap­pli­ca­tions and per­mis­sions re­lated to all the al­lied agen­cies like Drug Con­troller, WCCB, Plant Quar­an­tine, ADC, FSSAI have to gear up for on­line fil­ing EDI doc­u­ments to ICEGATE.

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There is a need of dis­sem­i­nat­ing in­for­ma­tion and knowl­edge about the im­pli­ca­tion of new EDI for­mats and re­quire­ments to the trade. Here are the fol­low­ing im­por­tant features on the im­ple­men­ta­tion of new EDI for­mats, its im­pli­ca­tions on the In­dian Cus­toms Single Win­dow System and plans of the gov­ern­ment to fa­cil­i­tate smooth and faster clear­ance and doc­u­men­ta­tion of im­port and ex­port cargo at all the cus­toms air­ports in In­dia. (a) (b) (c) (d) Com­plete au­to­ma­tion of Cus­toms op­er­a­tions which sup­ports au­to­mated cargo clear­ance pro­cesses and cov­ers over 99 per cent of Air cargo op­er­a­tions. Nearly 100 per cent elec­tronic pay­ment of Cus­toms du­ties On­line man­age­ment of Bonds and Bank Guar­an­tees Pro­cess­ing with han­dlers e ground (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) In­te­grated Dec­la­ra­tion Sub­mis­sion of data at one en­try point Au­to­mated Rout­ing In­te­grated Risk As­sess­ment On­line Re­lease Pa­per­less Pro­cess­ing

In­for­ma­tion con­tained in Cus­toms dec­la­ra­tions will be re-used by PGAs. For­mats for im­port and ex­port dec­la­ra­tions will be up­dated with ad­di­tional re­quire­ments. NSW Data Set - data will be filed at a single point (ICEGATE) as an ‘in­te­grated dec­la­ra­tion’. Trade does not have to ap­proach dif­fer­ent agen­cies and file dif­fer­ent forms/check­lists. • • • • • PDFs of sup­port­ing doc­u­ments to be ac­cessed via hy­per­links in Cus­toms Dec­la­ra­tion Sup­port­ing doc­u­ments to be de­ma­te­ri­alised pro­gres­sively Rou­tine print­outs at Cus­toms to be elim­i­nated

Im­ple­men­ta­tion of new EDI for­mats can fa­cil­i­tate faster clear­ance and doc­u­men­ta­tion of im­port and ex­port cargo at all the air­ports

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