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As 3PL has plenty of op­por­tu­ni­ties in In­dia, Ra­jesh Yabaji, Co-Founder, Black­Buck, shares what made him jump into this arena and how tech­nol­ogy can bring to­gether the frag­mented truck­ing in­dus­try.

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What is the story be­hind Black­Buck? What was the in­spi­ra­tion be­hind this RNCVHQTO!

Black­Buck is the dream of three in­di­vid­u­als to rev­o­lu­tionise the world of freight! Lo­gis­tics con­tin­ues to be one of the largest un­or­gan­ised sec­tors for the coun­try. The in­dus­try is very bro­ken and in­ef­fec­tive. Lo­gis­tics trans­ac­tions for the coun­try lack the ba­sic el­e­ment of trust. Black­Buck has em­barked on the jour­ney to recre­ate freight for the world us­ing tech­nol­ogy.

While my stint at ITC, where I led the task of trans­form­ing the sup­ply chain, freight was an area which took a high spread of costs and it was re­ally dif­fi­cult to ex­e­cute any change in the way things were ex­e­cuted. The idea of build­ing Black­Buck came across dur­ing this stint, met Subbu and Chanakya (Co-Founders) with whom I shared a sim­i­lar pas­sion for this in­dus­try and to bring in a pos­i­tive im­pact. This is how Black­Buck was born. Black­Buck now has a pan-In­dia net­work, ser­vic­ing over 150 cus­tomers across 200 lo­ca­tions across the coun­try.

What is the tech­nol­ogy that the EQORCP[ KU QHHGTKPI VQ DTKPI GHſEKGPE[ KP VJG UGEVQT!

Tech­nol­ogy pen­e­tra­tion in lo­gis­tics is at the low­est. Black­Buck has built tech­nol­ogy which in­te­grates both de­mand and sup­ply on to a sin­gle plat­form. This is done through tech­nol­ogy in­te­gra­tions, por­tal-based and mo­bile app. Trans­porters across the coun­try are em­pan­elled on the plat­form through a mo­bile ap­pli­ca­tion, through which they in­ter­act with us. Trans­porters through the plat­form have real time vis­i­bil­ity of cus­tomer’s de­mand. The en­tire trans­ac­tion has been made seam­less for the eco-sys­tem us­ing tech­nol­ogy. The cus­tomer app is live on Play Store and the sup­ply app needs to be sub­scribed through the Black­Buck agent.


you be us­ing this?

We are plan­ning to in­vest in build­ing tech­nol­ogy-led prod­ucts for this in­dus­try which will bring out ef­fi­cien­cies for both the cus­tomer and trans­porter. Apart from prod­ucts, the money will be used to scale the busi­ness.


What is your take on this?

Trucks face mul­ti­ple de­lays at the toll­gate pass­ing. With elec­tronic toll­gate pay­ments, the life of a trucker, economies of a trucker im­prove. This is a big step to­wards mod­erni­sa­tion of our na­tional high­way in­fra­struc­ture from sys­tems and pro­cesses view point.

Black­Buck has tied up with mul­ti­ple bank­ing part­ners to pro­vide elec­tronic tolling fa­cil­ity on the plat­form. We have a dig­i­tal chan­nel of pen­e­tra­tion to all the truck­ers which we use to push all the new op­er­at­ing meth­ods and scale them to the Dig­i­tal In­dia which the coun­try is cre­at­ing. The gov­ern­ment has a bud­get CNNQVVGF HQT TQCF KPHTCUVTWEVWTG this year. Which are the main states that the gov­ern­ment UJQWNF HQEWU QP KOOGFKCVGN[!

Rather than states which are a view on qual­ity of road in­fra­struc­ture, there is a huge gap in the sys­tems and pro­cesses which sup­port road trans­porta­tion. In­vest­ing in digi­tis­ing and build­ing tech­nol­ogy to cap­ture over­all trans­porta­tion, which hap­pens in the coun­try, would im­prove mul­ti­ple facets for the in­dus­try.


All the cam­paigns will have a very pos­i­tive im­pact on the lo­gis­tics for the coun­try. Make in In­dia and Skill In­dia are very well aligned to boost do­mes­tic man­u­fac­tur­ing, this will drive GDP growth and lo­gis­tics in­dus­try has al­ways grown 2X the GDP.

The growth of Dig­i­tal In­dia will com­pletely de-bot­tle­neck mul­ti­ple con­straints in this seg­ment to­day. The en­tire toll gate cross­ing, RTO pass­ing and doc­u­men­ta­tion for trans­porta­tion in the coun­try is man­ual. This leads to an in­ef­fec­tive method of freight ex­e­cu­tion. Dig­i­tal In­dia cam­paign in the con­text of lo­gis­tics will def­i­nitely pro­vide a step jump im­prove­ment in lo­gis­tics ef­fec­tive­ness.

Where do we stand vis a vis the in­ter­na­tional lo­gis­tics UGEVQT KP VGTOU QH VTWEMing


Lo­gis­tics cost as a per­cent­age of In­dia’s GDP is be­tween 13-14 per cent, whereas in de­vel­oped coun­tries fall in a range of 8-10 per cent. This clearly shows that we are far be­hind in run­ning lo­gis­tics for the coun­try. A lot of room to play and add ef­fec­tive­ness–Truck Types, Num­ber of Km a month. Do you think the sec­tor needs any new gov­ern­ment poli­cies in place to make lo­gis­tics add to the coun­try’s GDP?

Digi­tis­ing the freight ecosys­tem, right from truck buy­ing to op­er­a­tions will help bring in dra­matic change ef­fi­cien­cies to this eco-sys­tem.


and vi­sion?

We want to see the world of trans­porta­tion to be run us­ing tech­nol­ogy. While do­ing this, we be­lieve this would be the best way to ex­e­cute freight which will lead to mak­ing us the largest freight com­pany in the short term, as the mar­ket is very frag­mented at mo­ment. In the long run, we want to look at pos­si­bil­i­ties of launch­ing mul­ti­ple busi­ness seg­ments and also tak­ing the story global.

Digi­tis­ing the freight eco-sys­tem, right from truck buy­ing to op­er­a­tions will help bring in dra­matic change ef­fi­cien­cies to this eco-sys­tem Black­Buck has tied up with mul­ti­ple bank­ing part­ners to pro­vide elec­tronic tolling fa­cil­ity on the plat­form. We have a dig­i­tal chan­nel of pen­e­tra­tion to all the truck­ers

Ra­jesh Yabaji Co-Founder Black­Buck

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