MoCA thumbs up to in­creased dwell time

The Min­istry of Civil Avi­a­tion (MoCA) con­ducted a study at six ma­jor air­ports to iden­tify the rea­sons for higher dwell time in In­dian air­ports. Dr. Renu Singh Par­mar, Se­nior Ad­vi­sor, MoCA, Gov­ern­ment of In­dia, talks about the cor­rec­tive ac­tions taken by t

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What are the rea­sons iden­ti­fied for in­creased free dwell pe­riod?

Free pe­riod is ba­si­cally num­ber of hours the cargo re­mains at the ter­mi­nal. Ear­lier it was 72 hours, where the cargo was al­lowed to re­main at ter­mi­nal with­out in­cur­ring de­mur­rage. Now, it has been cut down by 24 hours. We can store cargo for 48 hours with­out pay­ing de­mur­rage. At each point of time, where the stake­holder is process­ing the cargo there is some kind of de­lay, if ser­vice level agreements are not in place. We have found that process­ing of cargo is de­layed mostly at a point where bill of en­try has to be filed. After it gets filed it takes 45-48 hours which means eas­ily two days are gone. This is one crit­i­cal is­sue.

Se­condly, still there are lot of gaps at cus­toms EDI and elec­tronic process­ing is not as easy as it ap­pears. Many times, there are break downs that cre­ate sev­eral prob­lems. Other sev­eral cus­tom re­lated is­sues takes up time; we have taken it to the right per­son and process will get stream­lined in near fu­ture.

At the same time, we have also is­sues re­lated to ser­vice level agreements (SLAs). Ev­ery stake­holder should abide by the num­ber of hours.

MoCA has ad­vised to com­plete the en­tire process within time­frame to im­prove pro­cesses. And, now there will be 24x7 op­er­a­tion at the air­ports that will also help in process­ing the sit­u­a­tion of cargo. With this, over­all dwell time will get im­proved in the next two to three years.

Why does bill of en­try take time?

It is up to cargo agents. If there is any amend­ment to be done, it is a very dif­fi­cult pro­ce­dure as far as cus­toms is con­cerned. And, there­fore they were avoid­ing fil­ing the bill of en­try.

The cus­toms have now said that they are look­ing at the amend­ment process and stream­lin­ing it. And, even in the Union Bud­get, there is men­tion about the time frame of fil­ing of the bill of en­try, which is within 24 hours, else. there will be penalty. This is also a sign of bet­ter­ment.

We have is­sues re­lated to ser­vice level agreements (SLAs). Ev­ery stake­holder should abide by the num­ber of hours

Dr. Renu Singh Par­mar Se­nior Ad­vi­sor MoCA, Gov­ern­ment of In­dia

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