– Om Prakash Goyal

Chemical Industry Digest - - Viewpoint -

Almighty Told A Mes­sen­ger Sage, Re­ceiv­ing Bad Plan­e­tary Sig­nals, Con­fus­ing, Dis­turb­ing, Mis­lead­ing, Jum­bled Up; Go To Earth, Find Out. Dis­guised Sage Roamed Earth, Garbed Varying In­tense Moods, Smelt Strange Sce­nar­ios, Re­turned, Re­ported No Clues! Oh Great Sage! I Am Wor­ried. Curses & Bless­ings Of Sages Make Demons In­vin­ci­ble, Who Threaten The Sober, The Wise. Oh Great Sage! Find de­tails Of the Amor­phous Earth Plan. The Sage Re­searched, Re­ported Saw Strange Plan-2100 Ac­tive. Wise Ro­bots Trou­ble Hu­mans. Race, Swim, Fly, Roar, Sparkle, Dance As Elec­tronic Im­ages, Act Like Dead Celebri­ties.

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