Belt press to de­wa­ter sludge

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Solid waste, com­monly called sludge, com­prises of ap­prox­i­mately 1.5% solids and 98.5% liq­uid by the time the bi­o­log­i­cal pro­cess­ing is com­plete.

Proper han­dling of sludge is a very im­por­tant and the mis­sion of waste­water treat­ment plant (WWTP) mu­nic­i­pal­ity plant is to sep­a­rate solids from water, and to dis­in­fect both to dif­fer­ent de­grees by re­mov­ing or­ganic and in­or­ganic con­tam­i­nants, which may be haz­ardous or toxic to hu­mans or have detri­men­tal ef­fects on the en­vi­ron­ment. The main key el­e­ment in the waste­water treat­ment process is the Belt Press, which is used to de­wa­ter the sludge and change it from a liq­uid to a solid.

West Vir­ginia’s City of Nitro Waste Treat­ment Plant (NWTP) brings out a su­pe­rior so­lu­tion to their ex­ist­ing Belt Press. With pre­vi­ous ex­pe­ri­ence us­ing OR-TEC’s Screw Screens suc­cess­fully for a num­ber of years at the in­let of their plant to re­move non or­ganic de­bris (plas­tics, rags, sticks etc.), Danny Lewis, NWTP’s Plant Su­per­in­ten­dent, in­vited OR-TEC to bid on their new sys­tem.

At 2.2 me­tres wide, the Gemini Se­ries Belt Press is the largest made by OR-TEC and is ideal for the medium to large size WWTP. This press com­bines a grav­ity drainage zone, a squeez­ing zone, and high pres­sure shear zone to pro­vide a large dry solids through­put of up to 1,500 lbs. per hour.

The unit has a large floc­cu­la­tion tank with a vari­able speed mixer which al­lows the sludge and poly­mer so­lu­tion to be thor­oughly mixed. Fol­low­ing the floc­cu­la­tion tank, the sludge en­ters a large grav­ity zone where de­wa­ter­ing rollers be­gin the process of thick­en­ing the sludge. From here, the thick­ened sludge en­ters a low pres­sure zone which fea­tures a large per­fo­rated stain­less steel roller fol­lowed by an in­creas­ing pres­sure wedge zone. The fi­nal de­wa­ter­ing zone is a high pres­sure area where mul­ti­ple rollers of de­creas­ing di­am­e­ter con­tinue to squeeze and de­wa­ter the sludge.

A sin­gle con­trol panel is used for all this equip­ment, and the Belt Press sys­tem also fea­tures elec­tric ac­tu­a­tion so no hy­draulics or pneu­mat­ics are needed. OR-TEC ad­vised and supplied all as­pects of Nitro’s sys­tem, ad­ding value via work­ing out all of the kinks at every stage of im­ple­men­ta­tion.

De­liv­ered in Septem­ber 2016, Nitro’s new Belt Press sys­tem has now been in op­er­a­tion for months and run­ning at ad­vanced ca­pac­ity and per­for­mance. Ac­cord­ing to NWTP’s Danny Lewis, “The sys­tem han­dles a lot of through­put, so there is sub­stan­tially less for op­er­a­tors to deal with on a daily ba­sis. There’s no oil, fil­ters, or air sup­ply needed so it’s more user friendly, eas­ier to op­er­ate, and main­tain.”

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