Min­i­mal­is­tic pa­per ro­bots with origami mod­els

Chemical Industry Digest - - Products & Processes -

The re­searchers used origami pa­per fold­ing to cre­ate cheap ro­bots that move like earth­worms.

The team made a pair of crawl­ing ro­bots, Peri and Poly, out of lit­tle more than a sheet of pa­per, a few 3D printed parts, and a hand­ful of screws.

This worm ro­bots crawl for­ward with the help of 3D printed toes and bat­tery, which ex­pands and con­tract the origami tower mim­ick­ing earth­worms.

The team is work­ing to ex­pand into new forms of lo­co­mo­tion, as well as new ma­te­ri­als, per­haps card­board, or con­struc­tion pa­per.

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