Clari­ant in­tro­duces hy­dro­gena­tion cat­a­lyst with high eth­yl­ene se­lec­tiv­ity

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an­nounced the launch of OleMax 260, a new se­lec­tive hy­dro­gena­tion cat­a­lyst with ex­tremely high eth­yl­ene se­lec­tiv­ity and op­er­a­tional sta­bil­ity. Spe­cially de­vel­oped for eth­yl­ene pro­duc­ers with “fron­tend” process con­fig­u­ra­tions, OleMax 260 of­fers a new so­lu­tion to in­crease yields and profits while en­sur­ing safer and more sus­tain­able op­er­a­tion.

OleMax 260 pro­vides a near per­fect se­lec­tiv­ity to eth­yl­ene (close to 100%), re­sult­ing in sig­nif­i­cant eco­nomic ben­e­fit for the op­er­a­tor. Per­haps more im­por­tant is the cat­a­lyst’s ul­tra-high sta­bil­ity, which im­pedes ther­mal run­away re­ac­tions that can lead to un­planned pro­duc­tion out­ages. The ex­cep­tional se­lec­tiv­ity and con­se­quent sta­bil­ity of OleMax 260 en­sures re­li­able, on-spec­i­fi­ca­tion per­for­mance over an un­prece­dent­edly wide op­er­at­ing range, even at the ex­tremely low CO lev­els typ­i­cal of new crack­ing fur­nace tech­nolo­gies. A fur­ther ad­van­tage of OleMax 260 is a faster, more sus­tain­able start-up. The cat­a­lyst’s sim­pli­fied stream­ing pro­ce­dure sig­nif­i­cantly re­duces nor­mal start-up-re­lat- ed hy­dro­car­bon flar­ing and time to on-spec­i­fi­ca­tion eth­yl­ene pro­duc­tion. OleMax 260 is op­ti­mized to oper­ate in de-eth­a­nizer over­head hy­dro­gena­tion process con­fig­u­ra­tions. It can be used in a new build or as a drop-in so­lu­tion in an ex­ist­ing fa­cil­ity.

The first com­mer­cial start-up of OleMax 260 has been suc­cess­fully achieved at the new eth­yl­ene pro­duc­tion plant of The Dow Chem­i­cal Com­pany in Freeport, TX. To date, this state-of-the-art cat­a­lyst has de­liv­ered the su­pe­rior per­for­mance and ben­e­fits ex­pected. Doug May, Busi­ness Pres­i­dent for Dow Olefins Aro­mat­ics, and Al­ter­na­tives stated: OleMax 260 has shown ro­bust­ness and re­silience to process vari­abil­ity while pro­vid­ing ex­pected raw ma­te­rial yields and se­lec­tiv­ity.”

OleMax 260 is the lat­est in­no­va­tion in the range, tai­lor-made for the in­dus­try-pre­ferred front-end process for the se­lec­tive hy­dro­gena­tion of acety­lene to eth­yl­ene, which serves as a feed­stock for a va­ri­ety of plas­tics.

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