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Reeta De­sai is spread­ing the mes­sage of peace with her paint­ings

And what about blend­ing in na­ture? “Be­ing an apart­ment and hav­ing a mud-lov­ing dog at home, who loves to dig up all my planters, I couldn’t keep plants at home, but yes, we are sur­rounded by the Em­press Gar­den! The only plant my pet Sun­shine has not dis­turbed yet is the minia­ture frangi­pani plant that adorns my gallery! Also, we keep fill­ing our home with fresh flow­ers and Chi­nese bamboo plants. That Sun­shine, our pet, has no prob­lems with!” laughs off Priti. The ex­te­ri­ors of a house also de­fine its per­son­al­ity. “Out­side our home, you will be wel­comed by a happy gar­den gnome that says one only has to bring hap­pi­ness and leave their wor­ries out­side. This is some­thing we stum­bled upon dur­ing our travel to Switzer­land, wherein the vil­lage homes and gar­dens are adorned with them. They are be­lieved to be the pro­tec­tors of the home and gar­den. Also, our name­plate has an Ir­ish en­ergy sym­bol that talks about the union and love of two in­di­vid­u­als. It is a sym­bol of re­spect­ful col­lab­o­ra­tion to form an abode of love. More­over, the en­trance also has a stone sculp­ture, a mu­si­cal in­stru­ment that con­tin­ues to re­mind us that the only sound you hear from this house is the sound of hap­pi­ness. All in all, it is a very warm and wel­com­ing greet­ing into our home,” says Priti. It is a fact that a house re­flects the per­son­al­ity of the owner. So which fea­ture best brings out their iden­tity? “Our house is a bal­ance of the In­dian heart and a West­ern mind. We, as in­di­vid­u­als, love nat­u­ral or­ganic living. To men­tion, we love to cross our legs and sit on the dining ta­ble to eat. To make that pos­si­ble, we have a dining ta­ble and a long broad bench that al­lows us to do so. We love the com­forts and luxury of leather so­fas. We got all our can­vas fur­nish­ing prints made and de­signed for us specif­i­cally. Our cur­tains

The study room along with a small space cre­ated for wor­ship­ping deities

A small mandir sta­tioned along­side the en­trance of the house

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