Fash­ion stylist and groom­ing ex­pert RUJUTA KULKA­RNI lists out fash­ion tips for men that can en­hance their per­son­al­ity and help them to look their best.

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With changing times, men fash­ion is changing too at a fast pace. Today, men are spoilt for choice as far as fash­ion is con­cerned. How­ever, a well groomed man sticks to ba­sic styling and groom­ing in or­der to look best at all oc­ca­sions. As for groom­ing, there is no need for men to spend a for­tune, but it is im­por­tant for them t o i nvest ti me in it. Here are few fash­ion se­crets that can help men look dash­ing and charm­ing!

Visit your hair­styl­ist reg­u­larly: Book an ap­point­ment with your hair­styl­ist once every four weeks and stick to it. If you no­tice that your hair needs more groom­ing, then in­vest more time than pre­scribed. Find your sig­na­ture per­fume: Do not con­sider af­ter­shaves or de­odor­ants as ‘per­fumes’, in­stead nd a clas­sic per­fume and in­vest in it. If you are con­fused at rst, nar­row down 2 or 3 per­fumes and see which one suits you. Take care of your face: The scrub­bing process is not only rec­om­mended for women, but it is also use­ful for men as their skin need a proper cleans­ing of dead cells, dirt, and grime. Take care of your fa­cial hair: It’s a good idea to in­vest in a qual­ity trim­mer that can man­age your fa­cial hair from time to time. Put your best feet for­ward: One thing that women surely no­tice about men is their shoes. So in­vest in a good pair of shoes, al­ways. Also, tak­ing care of your feet is im­por­tant so as to avoid smelly feet. Dur­ing the shower, you can use a pumice stone that sheds the dead cells of the feet. Take care of your dark cir­cles:

Men who work for longer hours usu­ally de­velop dark cir­cles. Think of in­vest­ing in an ef­fec­tive eye cream to keep dark cir­cles at bay. Pay at­ten­tion to your nails: Cut your nails once a week, prefer­ably be­fore the shower to make them soft. Get rid of all rough and aky skin around your nails. Take oral care: Sim­ply brush­ing is not enough. Re­mem­ber to oss your teeth once every two weeks and de­velop a habit of us­ing mouth­wash reg­u­larly. Know your skin: You must know about your skin type, in case you don’t then pay a visit to a der­ma­tol­o­gist or a cos­metic store. Al­ways use prod­ucts ac­cord­ing to your skin type. Know your hair prod­ucts: Use hair prod­ucts that suit your hair tex­ture. Thick hair can han­dle waxes, but avoid us­ing it on thin hair.

Rujuta Kulka­rni

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