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PRO­FES­SOR I strongly feel that it is the re­spon­si­bil­ity of PMC to issue cir­cu­lars and no­tices re­gard­ing the where­abouts of dug up roads and the re­sul­tant newly cre­ated oneways. This can be eas­ily done through news­pa­pers and Whats App. It so hap­pens that, sud­denly, one day, dig­ging up be­gins on a par­tic­u­lar road, with­out any prior no­tice. The lo­cals are suf­fer­ing, no doubt, with re­duced park­ing spa­ces, but the sce­nario is afict­ing the out­siders even more. Soon, hun­dreds of stu­dents, along with their kin, will ar­rive in the city for ad­mis­sions into col­leges and the present state of the roads is enough to give them night­mares! In ad­di­tion, the width of roads has been re­duced, thus in­creas­ing the com­mut­ing time for ci­ti­zens. Hence like Mod­ern are fac­ing trafc jams, with pipe­lines be­ing in­stalled nearby. Tem­po­rary di­viders have been blown off with lit­tle re­gard. More so, Ambed­kar Col­lege Road, Wa­dia Col­lege Road and the road to­wards Yer­wada are caus­ing nui­sance with all the var­i­ous con­struc­tion prob­lems. The present con­di­tion is frus­trat­ing enough for com­muters!

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