AVANTI DESH­PANDE shows the healthy way to eat this rainy sea­son

Con­trol your ap­petite this mon­soon so as to avoid in­di­ges­tion and other mon­soon re­lated ail­ments. Citadel nutri­tion­ist AVANTI DESH­PANDE ar­tic­u­lates eat­ing and drink­ing tips that can keep you fit and healthy dur­ing mon­soons.

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The on­set of mon­soon brings respite from the swel­ter­ing heat. Also, it’s rea­son for folks to cel­e­brate, but at the same time, we have to take care of our eat­ing habits so that it doesn’t spoil the mon­soon eu­pho­ria. There­fore, I would sug­gest peo­ple to ex­er­cise re­straint, es­pe­cially while eat­ing out. This month, I am shar­ing few valu­able eat­ing and drink­ing tips that can help one deal with the peren­nial prob­lem of stom­ach up­set that can oc­cur as a re­sult of eat­ing wrong food items. Keep in­fec­tions at bay: Mon­soon brings a lot of ex­cite­ment. But! There is also a fairly large amount of in­fec­tions that tag along, un­in­vited. Hence, con­sump­tion of foods like ginger, gar­lic, turmeric and lemon­grass is a must in or­der to thwart in­fec­tious sce­nar­ios! Med­i­cally re­lied upon, th­ese mys­tic roots help reg­u­late blood cir­cu­la­tion and also main­tain a smooth rate of ab­sorp­tion of

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