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is a train­ing cen­ter ded­i­cated to im­prove peo­ple’s lives. This is done through teach­ing sim­ple, unique and rev­o­lu­tion­ary skills which help peo­ple to be health­ier, hap­pier and lead ful­fill­ing and stress free lives. Over the past 28 years, Ajna has suc­cess­fully as­sisted thou­sands of seek­ers to trans­form their lives in a re­mark­able man­ner. Their train­ing pro­grammes have fos­tered hun­dreds of life guid­ance coun­selors in In­dia, Ger­many, and Hun­gary amongst other Euro­pean coun­tries. Based on con­tin­u­ous re­search, the cen­ter has de­vel­oped in­no­va­tive coun­sel­ing meth­ods to re­spond to to­day’s times of in­creased stress and the need for tai­lor-made im­prove­ment in the qual­ity of life. Coun­sel­ing is pre­ven­tive as­sis­tance. We do not have to live with un­re­solved is­sues of anx­i­ety, help­less­ness, job se­cu­rity, re­la­tion­ships, ad­dic­tions or pho­bias. While we read­ily seek coun­sel for le­gal, fi­nan­cial and med­i­cal is­sues, we of­ten wait for a cri­sis in our lives be­fore seek­ing emo­tional as­sis­tance.

Q. What makes th­ese meth­ods unique?

A. What we teach is called “Spe­cial­ized Ki­ne­si­ol­ogy”. It is a bio-feed­back com­mu­ni­ca­tion be­tween the mus­cles and the brain. By test­ing the body in this man­ner, we can quickly reach the heart/core of any is­sue.

Q. How does it ac­tu­ally work?

A. Well, let’s see. Ev­ery time we think, speak or feel ev­ery mus­cle has a re­sponse which is read­able. For e.g.: neg­a­tive thoughts or fear, anger or re­jec­tion make a mus­cle weak and pos­i­tive thoughts like en­thu­si­asm, will­ing­ness and in­ter­est strengthen them. Ev­ery cell of our body car­ries mem­o­ries as a record of our ex­pe­ri­ences, called cel­lu­lar mem­ory. Through Ki­ne­si­ol­ogy, we can learn to ac­cess the said mem­ory and dis­cover the in­ner truth of any is­sue – go­ing be­yond what is per­ceived. This cel­lu­lar truth is used to con­nect to our be­lief sys­tem. Then we can re­pro­gramme it to en­hance and im­prove our lives. This in­put al­lows us to iden­tify, re­lease and re-pro­gramme the sup­pressed neg­a­tive emo­tions that pre­vent and block the trans­for­ma­tions we re­ally want in our lives.

Q. What makes Ajna dif­fer­ent or spe­cial than other coun­sel­ing meth­ods?

A. Most ther­a­pies fo­cus on cur­ing the symp­toms of any im­bal­ance and not on the root cause of the prob­lem. At Ajna, we fol­low the un­der­stand­ing that our body is much like a com­puter, pro­grammed by us very early in our child­hood. What­ever we be­lieve about our­selves is re­flected through our ac­tions. Be­liefs, like pro­grammes in a com­puter, can be ac­cessed, edited, deleted and re­pro­grammed. This is done at Ajna in very gen­tle, non-in­tru­sive yet rev­o­lu­tion­ary ways which bring about changes in peo­ple’s lives which they didn’t think were pos­si­ble.

Q. What kind of is­sues do you han­dle?

What kind of peo­ple would seek your help? A. First of all, I do be­lieve that no mat­ter who we are, of what age or what we have achieved, we can all ben­e­fit from get­ting bet­ter. We all have some area of lim­i­ta­tion which we avoid fac­ing sim­ply be­cause we don’t know what to do, how to deal with it and that em­bar­rasses us. How­ever, the is­sues which we face are univer­sal in na­ture. For e.g. trou­bled re­la­tion­ships, feel­ing in­com­pe­tent, low self-es­teem, con­fu­sion, con­sis­tent doubt, low self-con­fi­dence, poor con­cen­tra­tion, ad­dic­tions or chronic pain. What is com­mon amongst us hu­man be­ings is emo­tion – we all feel hap­pi­ness, ex­cite­ment, even sadness, dis­ap­point­ment the same way.

Q. What are the ben­e­fits of this method?

A. First and fore­most, all peo­ple dis­cover that they do have a choice. The most de­bil­i­tat­ing sit­u­a­tions are those where we feel help­less and be­gin to act on neg­a­tive, hope­less feel­ings, think­ing we can never get out of that par­tic­u­lar dilemma. So fa­cil­i­tat­ing a per­son’s abil­ity to em­brace choices within them­selves is the first ben­e­fit. This leads to clar­ity of who they are and what their strengths are. They de­velop trust and faith in them­selves, their per­cep­tions be­come fo­cused, and with re­newed mo­ti­va­tion and self-ap­pre­ci­a­tion, they com­mu­ni­cate ef­fec­tively and find the courage to risk a new op­tion. Find­ing a new choice is the key. We are the only au­thor­ity for our life; we have all the an­swers but just don’t know how to find them. This unique, prac­ti­cal and easy method can be learnt at the forth­com­ing 12-day cer­ti­fied train­ing pro­gramme from 18th Septem­ber to 30th Septem­ber, 2017. This pro­gramme which is con­ducted by Ritu Mal­ho­tra, Founder of Ajna Cen­ter for Learn­ing, trains peo­ple to im­prove their lives and also pre­pares those who wish to take up life coach­ing and coun­sel­ing as a pro­fes­sion.

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