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A per­fect well-toned body denitely needs a wellplanned work­out. There are am­ple work­outs avail­able for ton­ing and strength­en­ing ex­er­cises. For in­stance, traditional weight train­ing, func­tional train­ing, Crosst, Ta­bata, run­ning, cy­cling, Pi­lates, power yoga, and many more. The form of ex­er­cise that needs to be fol­lowed al­ways de­pends on the end goal. If you want to look like an ath­lete, then the car­dio ac­tiv­i­ties should be more, cou­pled with few weight train­ing work­outs or func­tional train­ing work­outs. If you de­sire a six-pack, then weight train­ing or gym work­outs are nec­es­sary. The form of ex­er­cise can also be de­cided based on your body type. It would be ideal to get a proper train­ing sched­ule from a certied trainer who will be able to help you to achieve your de­sired look.

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