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I be­lieve that try­ing to in­stil pa­tri­o­tism by forced mea­sures is coun­ter­pro­duc­tive. In the past, the Supreme Court had passed an or­der, mak­ing the Na­tional An­them com­pul­sory dur­ing the screen­ing of lms. Now the Madras High Court wants peo­ple to sing Vande Mataram. They are cre­at­ing newer ways in which one can be termed as an anti-na­tion­al­ist. Th­ese moves may ap­peal to and ap­pease the jin­go­ists, but I think they just rub the al­ready re­bel­lious up the wrong way. Let peo­ple nd their own mean­ing­ful ways to be­long to this na­tion. En­forced ‘pa­tri­o­tism’ is not good for the na­tion’s psy­che.

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