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Mak­ing peo­ple sing Vande Mataram at schools and col­leges is in­still­ing pa­tri­o­tism into the youth, but the truth is, force­ful­ness does not re­ally work well. If we want to in­cul­cate this feel­ing among them, it will hap­pen when the youth is made aware of the coun­try’s achieve­ments and po­ten­tial. To­day’s youth needs to know how the In­dus Val­ley had ex­cel­lent town plan­ning and drainage sys­tem well ahead of any of its con­tem­po­raries, how in the 1936 Olympics the In­dian team scored 38 goals in the Men’s Field Hockey, but only one goal was scored against them, how ISRO’s Chan­drayaan-1 gath­ered ev­i­dence, dis­cov­er­ing the pres­ence of wa­ter on moon. It is such facts that would make one be­lieve in one’s coun­try and feel proud of what it is. Mak­ing them sing the Na­tional Song out of com­pul­sion might not re­ally serve the pur­pose.

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