This month, REV DADA JP VASWANI talks about the power of for­give­ness and other im­por­tant life philoso­phies, which bring pos­i­tive changes in the way of life.

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How do we mo­ti­vate one­self when we ex­pe­ri­ence failure?

Treat failure as a gift from God. The mea­sure in which you ac­cept, you will nd that there is some­thing which you need to learn. In all con­di­tions and cir­cum­stances of life, in loss and gain, sor­row and joy, there is a mean­ing of mercy. Ac­cept and move for­ward!

What step should be taken to for­get the past?

What step do you take to pro­tect your house at night? You close the door…so close the door. Learn from the mis­take, from the past. Don’t carry un­nec­es­sary bag­gage. There is no hu­man be­ing who does not make a mis­take. To err is hu­man. Ev­ery one of us has made mis­takes. Learn and kick aside the mem­ory. Oth­er­wise you will be heav­ily laden and not be able to pro­ceed fur­ther. Learn the art of for­get­ting; for­get many er­rors com­mit­ted by you. Learn the les­son and don’t re­peat the mis­takes. Go to God with a heart sin­cere and con­trite. Pray for for­give­ness and pray for strength not to re­peat the mis­take and pro­ceed fur­ther. No man on earth has not made a mis­take.

How do we elim­i­nate the neg­a­tive en­ergy or neg­a­tive thoughts of oth­ers sur­round­ing us?

You can iso­late your­self. You need not come un­der their inuence, what is called peer pres­sure to­day. We never heard of peer pres­sure in our days, in the col­leges or in the school. You can iso­late your­self. In our days also, there were peer inuences, but we used to form our own cir­cle. We had a cir­cle of friends. We used to meet from time to time to talk about scrip­tures. We can iso­late our­selves. The difculty to­day is that we fall an easy prey to peer pres­sure.

How would you dene life?

Life is an ad­ven­ture in for­give­ness and in help­ing oth­ers.

Why is for­give­ness so difcult for one and all?

Be­cause we are un­der the inuence of ego. It is the ego that feels hurt. So long as the ego is strong, there can be no for­give­ness. I know of peo­ple who remember things that hap­pened to them 20 years ago. Just imag­ine. The ego is strong.

What is the se­cret of the peace and seren­ity ra­di­at­ing from you?

This peace and seren­ity is not a se­cret. What­ever lit­tle I have is due to my bro­ken faith in my beloved Mas­ter and in the Almighty. There should be be­lief in the mean­ing of God’s mercy in every­thing hap­pen­ing to us. This world is not a plea­sure-hunt­ing ground, but a school in which ex­pe­ri­ence is our teacher, whether pleas­ant or not. Af­ter learn­ing the les­son, one moves on to the next un­til one grows in the wis­dom of life. Then one is never per­turbed for the gem of seren­ity is within.

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