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Ac­tress Mrun­mayee Desh­pande looks so at­trac­tive and dif­fer­ent on the cover of your July is­sue than she looks in the movies…which of course doesn’t mean she doesn’t look great on screen too, but here it seemed like we were treated to her whole new avatar. A very in­ter­est­ing read in­deed! Falak Wa­dia

Pune re­ally is fast be­com­ing a great city for food lovers! There seems to be at least a hand­ful of new swanky wa­ter­ing holes and ne din­ing places open­ing up ev­ery sin­gle month! At this rate, us Puneites can keep try­ing new places ev­ery time we eat out and still not ever run out of new places to try! Haha… Now this newly opened Gong restau­rant that you have cov­ered in next on my list for a night out! Deepak Parashar

I am a leftie, and be­lieve me, only we can truly un­der­stand the prob­lems we face for ev­ery day ac­tiv­i­ties on a daily ba­sis from our very child­hood! There are just so many things that right-handed peo­ple take for granted that we have to al­ways ‘ad­just’ to. I am glad there is an as­so­ci­a­tion, which looks into our con­cerns, and more and more gad­gets are be­ing man­u­fac­tured with our needs in mind. I hope that the next gen­er­a­tion of left-handed chil­dren have an eas­ier time of it than I did grow­ing up in school! Anoushka C Pil­lai

Crowd fund­ing, not just for lms, but just about for any ven­ture, is an ab­so­lutely great con­cept. No­body’s in­vest­ment is too high, there­fore keep­ing li­a­bil­i­ties at a min­i­mum; but with so many stake­hold­ers, ac­count­abil­ity of the money spent is also a must. It also in­creases the in­ter­est of the public in all th­ese new ven­tures, there­fore prob­a­bly guar­an­tee­ing its suc­cess. I am sure more and more busi­ness av­enues with start turn­ing to crowd fund­ing now in­stead of run­ning af­ter the traditional mod­els of nance. Shalin De­sai

Wow! Pravin Nikam seems to be an out-an-out achiever. Ku­dos to this young gun for his suc­cess at such an early age, and that too in such seless en­deav­ours. I wish more young­sters took up his ex­am­ple and thought and acted in his foot­steps. It would surely make this coun­try leap ahead and make the world a bet­ter place to live in too. Brinda Dalmia

Ugh! Fid­get spin­ners are my pet peeve. I can­not be­lieve it was in­vented as a tool to tackle ADHD. In my opinion, I feel it makes chil­dren and now even adults even more dgety than they were be­fore. It has be­come like an ad­dic­tion. I hope this silly trend dies down fast. Shi­rina Set­val

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