dom­i­nate us ev­ery­where. The mo­ment we are born, we are gov­erned by cer­tain zodiac signs. These signs have a great sig­nif­i­cance through­out our lives. Through zodiac signs, we can study their in­flu­ence on hu­man life. Tarot Reader and Astrologer, SHEETAL SAN

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ARIES Mar 20 - Apr 18

This year, Aries would par­tic­i­pate in many aus­pi­cious func­tions and place them­selves in a much bet­ter po­si­tion, both so­cially and fi­nan­cially. They would ra­di­ate pos­i­tive en­ergy to ev­ery­one around them. As Aries zodiac peo­ple are of­ten lead­ers who lead the way and try out new things, this year would be no dif­fer­ent for them. This year, they would be seen as good re­searchers. Be­sides, they would do all tasks will­ingly and in­tel­li­gently. Their prop­erty re­lated dis­putes or any pend­ing mat­ters would be de­cided am­i­ca­bly to­wards the end of the year, 2018. On the home front, they would be pas­sion­ate about their part­ner and would avoid hurt­ing them in­ten­tion­ally. Aries peo­ple are sug­gested to not hold them­selves back be­cause of the fail­ures, but put full ef­forts to bounce back in or­der to achieve suc­cess.

TAURUS Apr 19 - May 19

Taurus peo­ple are very friendly in na­ture and car­ing, and they would never turn you back empty-handed when you ap­proach them for help. They can be a great ex­am­ple and role model, guid­ing peo­ple on the right path. Tau­ri­ans hate monotony and bore­dom and do ev­ery­thing to make their work ex­cit­ing and in­ter­est­ing. Taurus peo­ple’s pri­or­ity, in the year 2018, should be to en­sure se­cu­rity and sta­bil­ity in ev­ery as­pect of life. This year, suc­cess would come to them from the ac­tive sup­port of their part­ners, both in the pro­fes­sional as well as per­sonal life. The stars are of­fer­ing Taurus in­di­vid­u­als a chance to ap­ply their skills and pro­fes­sional knowl­edge. Fre­quent trips, new ideas and new con­tacts are pos­si­ble to oc­cur. They might need to chal­lenge their rou­tine to keep their mind open to all that is new.

GEMINI May 20 - Jun 20

Gemini’s lead­er­ship qual­i­ties would shine bright in 2018. Gemini peo­ple are never afraid to try out new ex­pe­ri­ences and get­ting into the un­known. This year their con­cen­tra­tion and work ef­fi­ciency lev­els would show an im­prove­ment. Also com­mu­ni­cat­ing with peo­ple would be a key fac­tor in broad­en­ing the hori­zons of their minds. Those who have been trou­bling them would be pe­nal­ized by le­gal au­thor­i­ties and Gemini folks would be re­lieved of all the stress. Those who are un­sat­is­fied with the present job can look for­ward to some ma­jor changes in their ca­reers. Those in the field of aca­demics are likely to do well. There would be sub­stan­tial in­crease in their in­cli­na­tion to­wards re­li­gious and spir­i­tual pur­suit dur­ing the year, 2018. Change in per­sonal and pro­fes­sional life would play a vi­tal role in their progress. There would be a lot of ac­tiv­i­ties cen­tring fam­ily and friends.

CAN­CER Jun 21 - Jul 21

Can­cer zodiac peo­ple al­ways like be­ing oc­cu­pied with something, rather than sit­ting idle and wast­ing their time. Cance­ri­ans are very hon­est

and sin­cere about their work and have a com­pet­i­tive at­ti­tude as well. 2018 is a year about growth, both in their per­sonal as well as pro­fes­sional sphere. Their warm and af­fa­ble na­ture would help them win many hearts, which in turn would make things smooth for them. A rise in sup­port from se­niors and peo­ple in gov­ern­ment po­si­tion is pos­si­ble. The year 2018 would be a great pe­riod to pro­pel Can­cer in­di­vid­u­als to a much higher po­si­tion in the cor­po­rate lad­der. They shall be very con­fi­dent and op­ti­mistic in chang­ing their lives that are pretty bold and coura­geous. Their 2018 horo­scope re­flects hon­est and timely ef­forts, which will be ad­van­ta­geous to brighten up their ca­reers and fam­ily life. The year 2018 has something ex­cep­tional for them.

LEO Jul 22 - Aug 21

The year 2018 would bring new hopes and pos­i­tive change in life for Leo zodiac peo­ple. They might visit many places of re­li­gious promi­nence, and also en­rol in some kind of spir­i­tual ser­vice. This year, they would place them­selves in a much bet­ter po­si­tion, both so­cially and fi­nan­cially. There is a hint of ob­sta­cle in their way, but they need not worry, as they would over­come the en­tire bar­rier with a pos­i­tive at­ti­tude. Leos are sharp at analysing things and care­ful eval­u­a­tion of pros and cons, which would reap many ben­e­fits for them. Their fam­ily might en­cour­age them to put their hands into something risky. They would also re­ceive strong sup­port from their near and dear ones. A new project would place Leo peo­ple in the lime­light and with a lit­tle pa­tience they would be able to ac­com­plish it suc­cess­fully. Some of them might be at­tracted to­wards re­li­gion too. If any of the Leo-born are as­pir­ing for any pro­fes­sional sport, then the time is right to get trained un­der an ex­pert.

VIRGO Aug 22 - Sep 20

This year, it is pre­dicted for the Vir­gob­orn that they would work in a much more or­ga­nized man­ner to ac­com­plish their de­sired goals. Their self-con­fi­dence and de­ci­sion-mak­ing abil­ity would fetch them lau­rels. They would be­lieve more in their abil­i­ties and their faith in the almighty shall be re­vived. There would be some chal­leng­ing time in­ter­spersed with en­cour­ag­ing breathers. Virgo horo­scope re­flects that they would be at­tract­ing ev­ery­one around them through their con­fi­dence and charm­ing be­hav­iour. Their mind would be flooded with new cre­ative ideas, which would ben­e­fit an or­gan­i­sa­tion as well as hu­man­ity. It is rec­om­mended that Virgo peo­ple should al­ways keep an open mind to be able to re­ceive ideas, which would give a proper shape to their learn­ing curves. Your words would re­flect your at­ti­tude, so tact­ful use of lan­guage would help in han­dling sit­u­a­tions bet­ter this year.

LIBRA Sep 21 - Oct 22

This year, plan­ning and pri­or­i­tiz­ing would be a Libra’s strength. This is a go­ing to be a good pe­riod for them to en­hance and build con­tacts. This is also an aus­pi­cious year for them, to fetch brownie points and demon­strate an im­pact. As all the nag­ging is­sues would get set­tled in their favour and they would over­come ob­sta­cles that have been block­ing their path to suc­cess. For some Li­brans, 2018 may be a bit strug­gling, but with the help and sup­port of close friends they would be able to hon­our their com­mit­ments. In­flu­en­tial peo­ple may also come to their res­cue, bring­ing in fi­nan­cial aid. Work that com­bines hu­mil­ity and high think­ing would do won­ders for them dur­ing this year. Libra na­tive think­ing to buy a new ve­hi­cle would most likely buy it. Don’t shy away from ask­ing help when you don’t un­der­stand something or don’t get a process right. A pro­fes­sional ven­ture is also set to give you your first taste of suc­cess.

SCORPIO Oct 23- Nov 21

The year 2018 would help Scor­pi­ons be­come pop­u­lar among friends and rel­a­tives due to their con­sis­tency in words and ac­tions. This year, Scorpio peo­ple would main­tain a bal­ance on home and work front. They would have power of their virtues, which can turn any sit­u­a­tion in a favourable one. The Scorpio horo­scope for 2018 re­flects that they would be placed in a much bet­ter po­si­tion both fi­nan­cially and so­cially. There would be an in­crease in their net­work and span of in­flu­ence. They would have to be quick and sure footed as far as pro­fes­sional work

is con­cerned. The changes are bound to hap­pen and the only way to deal is to adapt those changes as early as pos­si­ble. Scorpio’s in­tel­lect and dili­gence would help them achieve all that they want. As for stu­dents, they have a bright aca­demic prospect. A wed­ding or birth of a child in fam­ily would bring them much hap­pi­ness.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 - Dec 22

The year 2018 would teach Sagittarius a vi­tal les­son. It would make t hem un­der­stand the value of past ex­pe­ri­ences, which will help them to never re­peat past mis­takes. The horo­scope shows that Sagittarius, in this year, should be pre­pared to take up more re­spon­si­bil­i­ties. Pro­fes­sion­als and busi­ness­men would win some good deals, but de­lay in ex­e­cu­tion couldn’t be ruled out. In­for­ma­tion would play a vi­tal role i n progress. Think­ing be­fore speak­ing is sug­gested for Sagittarius peo­ple, es­pe­cially when shar­ing an opin­ion on con­tro­ver­sial is­sues. It is ad­vised not to let con­ver­sa­tions spi­ral into ar­gu­ments and play into de­sires to win ar­gu­ments. Their life is go­ing to be set on the right track, along with a strong bal­ance be­tween work and play. The year 2018 would bring Sagittarius much op­por­tu­nity to dis­play their tal­ents. They would feel am­bi­tious and full of strength.

CAPRICORN Dec 23 - Jan 19

The year 2018 would be highly dy­namic for Capricorn-born, as they would feel in­tu­itive and would be good at choos­ing the right moves aimed at the l ong-term ob­jec­tive. All would even­tu­ally work in their favour, but would re­quire much con­cen­tra­tion, re­spect and ded­i­ca­tion ini­tially. Capricorn na­tive those are in au­thor­ity might stick to the con­ven­tional route, so they should try to keep their plans and ideas within that am­bit. There could be a trans­fer or change in job pro­file. The year would be­gin on a pos­i­tive note and bring in its wake some dis­tinc­tively bril­liant ideas about fur­ther­ance of Capricorn ca­reer. This year, Capricorn peo­ple’s cre­ative abil­i­ties would re­ceive great boost and they would gain pres­ti­gious sta­tus in fam­ily and com­mu­nity.

AQUARIUS Jan 20 - Feb 18

The com­ing year 2018 would be pros­per­ous and suc­cess­ful for Aquarius peo­ple. New con­nec­tions with in­flu­en­tial peo­ple would be ben­e­fi­cial for them. They would be more fo­cused and de­ter­mined for their work and this would help them achieve their goals. Hence, they should plan their fu­ture goals, both for their pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive points. Those trav­el­ling can ex­pect to have a com­fort­able jour­ney. Bless­ings and valu­able ad­vice of a holy man would help them steer their life in the right di­rec­tion. Aquarius na­tives are ad­vised to leave the past be­hind and cre­ate pos­i­tive in­flu­ence of them­selves for fu­ture suc­cess. Chil­dren would ex­cel in what­ever they un­der­take. A lot of op­tions will come their way and they would grab ma­jor­ity of those op­por­tu­ni­ties. Adopt­ing a dif­fer­ent out­look to­wards life would make Aquarius na­tives pop­u­lar.

PISCES Feb 19 - Mar 19

The year 2018 will bring many changes in the lives of those born un­der the Pisces zodiac sign. De­ci­sions taken with­out proper un­der­stand­ing and in haste could hurt their fi­nances and per­sonal life. So­cial im­age in so­ci­ety would im­prove and they might win big favours from a gov­ern­ment agency. Their en­thu­si­as­tic and lovely na­ture would boost up their con­fi­dence and would at­tract the af­fec­tion of their near and dear ones. If Pisces peo­ple come up with bright ideas this year, they should not hes­i­tate to im­ple­ment them. It would be good if they fol­low their am­bi­tions in 2018. Their power of diplo­macy and good­will would help them to climb up the lad­der of suc­cess. Com­mu­ni­cat­ing with peo­ple would also be a key fac­tor in broad­en­ing the hori­zons of their mind. All achieve­ments, both at work and home, would be pos­si­ble only in co-op­er­a­tion. Pisces born would get am­ple chances to en­joy the hol­i­day par­ties and fam­ily gath­er­ings this year.

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