If you’re trav­el­ling with your furry friend in tow, it helps to have the ul­ti­mate checklist, says PRIYA PODUVAL

It’s time for the sum­mer break, and if you’re trav­el­ling with your furry friend in tow, it helps to have the ul­ti­mate checklist. Ci­tadel colum­nist & pet ex­pert PRIYA PODUVAL helps you get the de­tails sorted out…

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It’s time for sum­mer hol­i­days and for all those pet par­ents who want to take their furry com­pan­ions along, here is a checklist to make sure you and your pet have a good va­ca­tion. This list just lets you en­joy your hol­i­days with your furry fam­ily with­out the headache.


Keep a copy of all vac­ci­na­tion records in your doggy’s duf­fel bag. Should an emer­gency arise once you are on the road, you will have the im­por­tant in­for­ma­tion you need. You will also need these records when

board­ing Fido for the day or overnight if you take in an ex­cur­sion where your furry com­pan­ion is not al­lowed. You should also check ahead and find out the vac­ci­na­tion re­quire­ments for any coun­tries you’ll be vis­it­ing. You don’t want to show up and be de­nied en­try (or worse) be­cause your pup isn’t upto-date on some of his shots.


Re­mem­ber that tak­ing Fido out of the car for bath­room breaks must in­clude his col­lar be­ing se­cured and him be­ing leashed (don’t for­get the poop bags). A for­eign ter­ri­tory brings unique smells that are oh-so-hard to re­sist, and your lit­tle dar­ling can es­cape be­fore you can say, “Sit, stay”.


Fido won’t want to get lost, so be sure that he has a cur­rent tag with an emer­gency phone num­ber firmly at­tached to his col­lar or har­ness. Most peo­ple travel with a cell phone, mak­ing this the per­fect num­ber for your dog’s tag.


There are a num­ber of doggy first aid kits on the mar­ket, and if you have the time, you can even put to­gether your own. Some es­sen­tials to in­clude are: tweez­ers to re­move ticks, Be­ta­dine pow­der to stop toe­nail bleed­ing, eye wash to flush wounds, gauze ban­dages, ad­he­sive tape, scis­sors and an­ti­sep­tic moist wipes.


Be sure to bring along Fido’s favourite food so as not to up­set his stom­ach. There are great road-wor­thy foods and treats on the mar­ket. If you will be cook­ing for Fido, make the food ahead of time, and pack it along with your own good­ies. Your dog is used to drink­ing wa­ter from your home­town, and when trav­el­ling it’s a good idea to bring along as much of Fido’s drink­ing wa­ter as you can, and rely on bot­tled wa­ter as back up.


Va­ca­tions are sup­posed to be fun, and noth­ing says fun f like four muddy paws…not! Pro­tect your seats with cov­ers and blan­kets made es­pe­cially for your type of au­to­mo­bile. Be proac­tive: Al­ways carry ad­di­tional tow­els and wipes to clean off your ram­bunc­tious Rover.


Don’t leave home with­out Fido’s favourite blan­ket or bed. You don’t want him sleep­ing on the guest bed…or do you? Bring sheets, too, so if your furry com­pan­ion is ac­cus­tomed to sleep­ing on the fur­ni­ture, he won’t leave any tell-tail signs. If Fido calls his crate his den, then bring it along for a good night sleep dur­ing your va­ca­tion.


Don’t for­get the toys! If Fido is a ner­vous Nel­lie when stay­ing away from home, help ease his dis­com­fort by bring­ing as many toys from home as you can. Fa­mil­iar smells and chew toys will help calm even the most anx­ious pet. If Rocky is an anx­ious pet, by all means pack his favourite CD for his and your lis­ten­ing plea­sure.


You are ready to go — but be­fore you back the mini-van out of the drive­way, call your ho­tel to con­firm your reser­va­tion and that they are ex­pect­ing Fido. Noth­ing says bum­mer like a newly im­ple­mented ‘No Pets Al­lowed’ pol­icy since you made your reser­va­tion. Happy hol­i­days!!

Priya Poduval

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