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Lo­cal Lamb, bone­less – 150 gms Salt – 5 gms Raw Pa­paya Paste – 10 gms Red Chilli Pow­der – 5 gms Rose Petal - 3 gms Home­made Garam Masala – 10 gms Curd – 30 gms Desi Ghee – 30 gms Brown Onion – 20 gms Clove – 1 gms Roasted Co­conut – 5 gms Saf­fron – 0.5 gms Rose Essence – 1 ml

For Saf­fron Bread

Maida – 50 gms Milk – 20 ml Wa­ter – 20 ml Salt – 1 gms Egg – 1 Saf­fron – 0.01 gms But­ter – 10 gms Oil – 5 ml


Keep the lamb boti mar­i­nated with raw pa­paya paste, brown onion, salt, red chilli, curd and roasted grated co­conut. Pour oil in la­gan and add whole red chilli, mar­i­nated mut­ton, red chilli pow­der, salt, home­made garam masala, green car­damom, black pa­per, rose petals and ghee. Cook the mut­ton for half an hour. For saf­fron bread, heat the milk in a small saucepan un­til it bub­bles and then re­move from heat; add but­ter, su­gar and stir un­til melted. In a large mix­ing bowl, com­bine the milk mix­ture with the re­served saf­fron wa­ter and eggs and maida. Heat a tawa and driz­zle few drops of oil. Place the saf­fron bread gen­tly on the tawa and roast it from both sides by greas­ing it with oil or but­ter. Serve with sukha mut­ton on saf­fron bread.

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