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ave you ever been in a si­t­u­a­tion where you are talk­ing to a per­son and they are en­grossed in their so­cial me­dia sphere? Wel­come to the world of ‘ hub­bing’ The world of smart­phones has been cre­at­ing dom­i­nance over our lives in the com­ing years; we have been fall­ing prey to the need of be­ing eye candy on so­cial me­dia. Be­ing phubbed not only af­fects us men­tally, but also af­fects the re­la­tion­ships around you. The ‘phub­ber’ gets af­fected too; they feel that they feel less con­nected with peo­ple who are not phone friendly and peo­ple who are so so­cially ac­tive. The is­sue isn’t some­thing that can be re­solved, but we can curb it down by keep­ing cell phones and de­vices away while we are meet­ing friends or fam­ily and per­haps, I also feel the per­son who is a phub­ber feels com­fort­able in his own sphere of in­clu­sion, which is why they seek so­lace in their phones. I leave you with a ues­tion. I do know tech­nol­ogy and so­cial me­dia are an im­por­tant part of our lives, but can you let it dom­i­nate to a level that you will have only vir­tual hu­man con­tact?

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