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It strength­ens the stom­ach, stim­u­lates ap­petite, pro­motes di­ges­tion, and reg­u­lates ner­vous sys­tem and vas­cu­lar ex­pan­sion. It re­duces the puffi­ness in skin and is a good hair tonic. /emon­grass tea is a di­uretic and im­parts no bio­chem­i­cal changes to the body in com­par­i­son with or­di­nary tea. /emon­grass iced tea is pre­pared by steep­ing sev­eral stalks in a few Tuarts of boil­ing wa­ter. This can also be com­bined with green or black teas. It is also used in in­stant bev­er­ages. It not only adds lemon flavour, but also pro­vides vi­ta­min A and pro­motes di­ges­tion of fat.

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