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Why is there such moral de­cay in the world? To this Tues­tion, there can be a va­ri­ety of an­swers, which may lead to end­less and fu­tile dis­cus­sions. The fact is that there is moral de­cay. So let me do the lit­tle I can to dis­pel the dar ness around me. /et me in­dle, in my own life, a lit­tle can­dle of pu­rity, of sim­plic­ity, self­less ser­vice. To re­form the world, Sadhu aswani said, be­gin with your­self What is the role of fam­ily in in­cul­cat­ing val­ues and how far are they suc­cess­ful in the present nu­clear fam­ily sys­tem? The pur­pose of ed­u­ca­tion and pur­pose of life in gen­eral is to grow in char­ac­ter and there are two cen­tres where char­ac­ter is built: first is the home, and sec­ond is school and col­lege. There­fore, the fam­ily plays a large part in in­cul­cat­ing val­ues. ut val­ues are not passed on only through the medium of words there­fore the fa­ther and mother have to be a pic­ture of val­ues that he or she wishes to pass on to his or her chil­dren. How do we com­bat the neg­a­tive forces in the en­vi­ron­ment around us, which con­stantly dis­cour­age us from de­vel­op­ing a pos­i­tive at­ti­tude? rayer will help you. rayer is the great­est, but most un­used power on earth greater even than atomic power. Go to im with faith. We have ig­nored God for a long time. I have be­come very fear­ful. Fear­ful of small, un­nec­es­sary things. How do I rid my­self of this nag­ging fear? epeat the words, as of­ten as you can: ‘Why must I fear, when God is near ’ If pos­si­ble a few hun­dred times ev­ery day: ‘Why must I fear, when God is near Why must I fear, when God is near Why must I fear, when God is near ’ nd soon, all fear will van­ish as mist be­fore the ris­ing sun. I am told that the hu­man race is an orches­tra. Each per­son can be in their right­ful place and play their in­stru­ment in per­fect TUNE WITH THE REST OF HU­MAN­ITY. HOW CAN I fiND MY PLACE AND KNOW WHAT MY SPE­CIfiC DES­TINY IS? You can find your place through the prac­tice of daily si­lence. very day, prefer­ably at the same time and at the same place, go and sit in si­lence and try to en­ter into the depths within. One blessed day, un­der the grace of Guru and or Guru and God, you will get the an­swer. How can we de­velop the spirit of for­give­ness? What I call ‘the five fin­gers of for­give­ness’ are ac­tu­ally prac­ti­cal sug­ges­tions on how to de­velop the spirit of for­give­ness. When any­one hurts you, im­me­di­ately of­fer a prayer to God, ‘O God, help me to for­get this hurt so that it does not en­ter my heart, and be­come a fes­ter­ing wound.’ very night as you re­tire, thin of all the peo­ple who have wronged you or hurt you, ac­tu­ally call out their names aloud and say, ‘I for­give you.’ If some­one has hurt you to a point where you are un­able to for­get it, un­bur­den your­self to a spir­i­tual elder, or write a let­ter to the per­son against whom you hold a grudge. When you for­give, ma e sure that you for­get. Spea indly about the per­son against whom you hold a grudge. How can one walk the way of for­give­ness? To wal the way of for­give­ness, one has to pass through four stages. The first is the stage of hurt. Some­one has wronged me, and I can­not for­get it. I feel hurt. We must re­mem­ber that it is not I who feels hurt, but the ego. Those at this stage nat­u­rally hold grudges, not re­al­is­ing that the per­son who holds grudge in ures him­self more than the one against whom the grudge is held. urt leads to hate, which is the sec­ond stage. I can­not for­get how much I have been hurt and I can­not send out thoughts of good­will to my en­emy. In some cases, I hate the per­son so much that I want him or her to suf­fer, as much as I am suf­fer­ing. Then comes the third stage: of heal­ing, God’s grace de­scends on me and I be­gin to see the per­son who hurt me in a new light. I be­gin to un­der­stand his or her dif­fi­culty. My mem­ory is healed and I am free again. The fourth is the stage of com­ing to­gether. I am an ious to ma e friends with the per­son who has hurt me. I in­vite him into my life. I share my love with him and we both move to a new and healed re­la­tion­ship.

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