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and it’s al­ways such a beau­ti­ful mo­ment to look out at the dri ling show­ers bloom the sur­round­ings. une is e cep­tional when it rains. nd there is some­thing else too at which the city is e cep­tional. ring­ing in tal­ent and mak­ing them its own is what the city is best known for. Just look around you and you will find a lot of peo­ple mak­ing the city their own. itu and run Nathani is one such cou­ple. ou would mostly know them as the pow­er­house be­hind ybage, one of the prom­i­nent une names in the IT in­dus­try. It is im­pos­si­ble to talk about the city’s progress, es­pe­cially in IT, with­out men­tion­ing ybage. The cou­ple have made strides, seen suc­cess and fail­ure, and have come out strong and at an ad­van­tage. They are not just a cou­ple to talk about in terms of their pro­fes­sional lives, but also oth­er­wise. s a cou­ple, their story is worth read­ing. nd as re­spon­si­ble citi ens, they are mak­ing sure they are ad­ding to the city’s de­vel­op­ment in their own way. It is com­fort­ing to see this lovely cou­ple on the so­cial cir­cuit as one of the star at­trac­tions. ou need to read their in­ter­view to ap­pre­ci­ate the peo­ple and cou­ple that they are. The July is­sue is filled with in­ter­est­ing ar­ti­cles to read, which are re­fresh­ing as the rains. ctress Shama Sikan­der was in town to pro­mote her web se­ries Ab Dil Ki Sunn, which speaks about her bat­tle against de­pres­sion. It is some­thing that a lot of peo­ple are go­ing through and still it’s a taboo topic to dis­cuss. e are Tuite happy to share Shama’s jour­ney with our read­ers. In terms of cre­ativ­ity, let’s talk about Neha Suhjani who runs the city’s first and only bonafide bal­let academy, es anseuses cademy of al­let. er story of pro­vid­ing a bal­let academy that stays true to the art form is Tuite in­spi­ra­tional. nd so is the jour­ney of ac­claimed harat­natyam e po­nent r Shashikala avi, who in a very lu­cid man­ner, talks about her pas­sage in the dance form and also more. e were Tuite in­ter­ested in mak­ing sure that hairavi esh­mukh .hot gets fea­tured in the is­sue. er doo­dling has got her a new busi­ness av­enue while her foray into the­atre has con­nected her with kids and their par­ents on var­ied is­sues. nother cre­ative per­son we in­sist you read about is the very tal­ented in­dus­tani clas­si­cal ushkar ele, who re­cently went to Is­rael to per­form. e chat­ted at length about per­form­ing in Jerusalem and trav­el­ling through the an­cient coun­try. e wanted some healthy things to grace the pages. ake sure to go through the write-up on healthy cafes that dot the cityscape. Food is fod­der and healthy fod­der is al­ways wel­come. e have also cov­ered Fitato, the city’s hottest fit­ness start-up that’s go­ing na­tional. It’s al­ways good to break the monotony and you will find the nec­es­sary ice-breaker with a story on the une-based IT com­pany imen­tri that has come up with its prod­uct ; eep­In­sight a game-changer in data an­a­lyt­ics needs. nder­stand a prod­uct that’s a boon in data pro­cess­ing to vi­su­ali ation process. Food­ies go ahead and check the mon­soon recipes that are per­fect in this weather. iman Na­gar So­cial has shared some in­ter­est­ing recipes to tempt you. The usual col­umns from strol­ogy, Spir­i­tu­al­ity, to pet care and ev­ery­thing in be­tween will suit the pur­pose of the read­ers. Till then, au revoir and happy rains

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