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What plas­tic ban o you see any plas­tic be­ing banned , see only chaos and con­fu­sion and cor­rup­tion. ,t s once again a much-needed change, poorly ex­e­cuted. Take a walk on hivami Mar­ket on a busy bustling morn­ing, and look at each and ev­ery ven­dor giv­ing away his mer­chan­dise in all va­ri­eties of plas­tic bags. mall time tea ven­dors have switched to pa­per cups, which is in­deed a re­lief ut , don t know how long that will last. What stands out sig­nif­i­cantly is the non-clar­ity of the ban, its scope and ex­emp­tions. This ban has to hap­pen, but should be struc­tured to en­sure pub­lic ad­her­ence. an all sin­gle use plas­tic bags. et up a re­li­able re­cy­cling and reusing fa­cil­ity. ol­lec­tion of emp­ties for re­cy­cling, in­cen­tivi ing peo­ple to re­turn plas­tic wa­ter bot­tles, soft drink bot­tles, will en­cour­age the pub­lic to be­come aware. All cater­ing com­pa­nies, ho­tels and res­tau­rants, doc­tor s clin­ics and sa­lons, use ml plas­tic bot­tles for wa­ter. Why not switch to reg­u­lar wa­ter in glasses Make sure ad­e­quate sup­plies of suit­able pa­per prod­ucts at suit­able pric­ing are avail­able, price be­ing the sen­si­tive point here. All will be pos­si­ble with clear com­mu­ni­ca­tion, not by charg­ing fines, which will en­cour­age cor­rup­tion. While en­forc­ing the ban, we must en­sure that our nat­u­ral re­sources are not be­ing de­pleted. las­tic is not all evil sin­gle use plas­tics needs to stop.

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