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Ac­tress Asha Parekh is shown be­hind the wheel of a pick-up truck in Tokyo in a clas­sic Hindi movie ‘Love in Tokyo’. Re­leased in 1966, the movie went on to be a block­buster, and fea­tured Joy Mukher­jee and the ac­com­plished Lalita Pawar. The story un­veils such that Mukher­jee is en­gaged to a girl Sarita (Lata Bose) cho­sen by his mother played by Lalita Pawar, in a sit­u­a­tion that is not to his lik­ing. Sarita is a mi­nor of 17 years, and pam­pered. Find­ing him­self in a spot, Mukher­jee in a turn of events finds him­self on the plane to Ja­pan. Lalita Pawar is in­formed by her lawyer that her daugh­ter-in-law (wife of Mukher­jee’s elder brother) is crit­i­cally ill in Ja­pan, and wants to hand over her son to her hus­band’s fam­ily. Mukher­jee’s elder brother mar­ried a Ja­panese girl much to the dis­like of his mother.

Mukher­jee bonds well with his elder brother’s son. They visit a shop­ping mall where he catches a glimpse of Asha Parekh on the tele­vi­sion.

He is drawn to her. As the per­for­mance comes to an end, Parekh’s un­cle played by Madan puri an­nounces her en­gage­ment with a young pi­lot of In­dian ori­gin, played by Pran. Parekh is not aware of the plot drawn by her un­cle to in­herit her fa­ther’s prop­erty with the help of Pran. Un­happy with the turn of the events that un­fold with such speed, Parekh de­cides to flee. As would hap­pen only in a Hindi movie, she bumps into the lit­tle fel­low. Hag­gered by their re­spec­tive un­cles, Parekh and the lit­tle fel­low take to lik­ing each other. A bounty of USD 5,000 is an­nounced for who­ever finds Parekh and re­turns her. Af­ter spend­ing the night in hid­ing, the two de­cide to move. In an at­tempt to do so, the lit­tle one ac­ci­dently bumps into Mukher­jee who is on the look out. Parekh gets into ac­tion. She hi­jacks a Toy­opet pick-up truck, and the two flee as Mukher­jee chases them. The driv­ing skills of Parekh as she deftly ma­neou­vres the Toy­opet pick-up laden with hay on the roads of Tokyo de­serves a men­tion.

Fea­tured many years later in the movie Be­taab, al­beit in a bat­tered and badly bruised form by the lead ac­tor Sunny Deol to woo his love in­ter­est, Am­rita Singh, the Toy­opet pick-up truck was launched in 1954 in Ja­pan as a com­peti­tor to Nis­san Ju­nior. Shar­ing the plat­form with Toy­ota Dyna, the pick-up truck was rechris­tened as the ‘Scout’ in 1959. Known to be pro­duced un­til 1989, the pick-up truck made for a suc­cess­ful model run. The one that Parekh is shown to be driv­ing in the movie re­mained a main stream model for many years, and gave the pick-up the iden­tity it de­serves. Looked up to as the fore­fa­ther of Toy­ota Hilux, the Scout was pow­ered by a 48 hp, 1.5-litre, diesel en­gine. It could be also had with a 2-litre Type R en­gine. If the twin head­lights set into a large grille at­tract, it is the po­si­tion­ing of the park­ing lights at ei­ther cor­ner of the bon­net that draw at­ten­tion. They present a unique iden­tity to the de­sign. A body on frame con­struc­tion, the sus­pen­sion of Scout was made up of in­de­pen­dent coil springs at front, and leaf springs at the rear. Mea­sur­ing 4,286 mm to 4,690 mm mm in length and 1,690 mm in width, the Scout made for an in­ter­est­ing cameo in the movie. Al­low­ing Bol­ly­wood fans to catch a glimpse of a pick-up truck in the 60s, the movie, ‘Love in Tokyo’ had a happy end­ing with Mukher­jee and Parekh fall­ing for each other.

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