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Daim­ler In­dia Com­mer­cial Ve­hi­cles (DICV) saw higher growth orig­i­nat­ing from the do­mes­tic mar­ket in 2017. To be pre­cise, the strat­egy to not in­crease the price of its CVs de­spite adding new, BSIV SCR-based tech­nol­ogy got op­er­a­tions to look at BharatBenz CVs. Driv­ing past the 55000 units mark in 2017, and in­vest­ing in new tech­nol­ogy and chan­nel devel­op­ment, apart from ex­port com­mit­ment, DICV, in 2017, pushed for AC trucks, and smart and ef­fi­cient buses. Re­port­ing the high­est-ever quar­terly sales of its trucks in the Septem­ber quar­ter at 4,855 units when com­pared to the sale of 2,438 units in the Septem­ber quar­ter last year, DICV ex­pe­ri­enced good heavy-duty CV de­mand in the later half of 2017. In the later half of 2017, the com­pany pro­jected it­self as a pro-ac­tive en­tity by launch­ing Euro5 medium-duty trucks with a NOx re­duc­tion of up to 40 per cent. Claim­ing that its or­der books were full through out 2017, DICV mar­ket share in the nine to 49-tonne truck seg­ment in­creased to 10.8 per cent dur­ing the July-Septem­ber quar­ter when com­pared to a 7.1 per cent in­crease in the cor­re­spond­ing time a year-ago. The con­fi­dence to in­crease the do­mes­tic mar­ket share at DICV stems from the fact that it is ready to meet any new reg­u­la­tion that may come its way.

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