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1. Never over­load the sink or dish­washer. When you do, your dishes will not get as clean as they would

if they had the ap­pro­pri­ate amount of space be­tween one another. 2. Don't pre-rinse your dishes be­fore load­ing. Pre-rins­ing does more harm than good. De­ter­gent is made

to at­tack food par­ti­cles, and if they are gone, it may cause chips and cracks in your dishes in­stead. 3. Never use too much de­ter­gent. Too much de­ter­gent can leave be­hind residue. 4. Food that goes dry will make clean­ing more dif­fi­cult. Also, wash ce­ramic ware right af­ter use to avoid

stain­ing that is of­ten caused by cof­fee, tea and acidic foods. 5. Do not wash your pans or knives in the dish­washer. Knives may be­come dull and pans may chip and

lose their non-stick coat­ing. Also avoid wash­ing wood, cast iron, crys­tal or any­thing hand-painted. 6. Never place sharp ob­jects in the dish­washer with the pointy side fac­ing up. This is a ‘com­mon sense’

prac­tice that en­sures you put safety first.

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