Prod­uct Struc­ture (80 Points)

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Wher­ever we could not ob­tain any in­for­ma­tion for the iden­ti­fied vari­ables, ei­ther through their web­site or through the cus­tomer care num­bers of the in­surance company, we have not al­lot­ted any points for the same.

Based on the prod­uct struc­ture, we iden­ti­fied 16 sig­nif­i­cant vari­ables for pol­icy seek­ers and al­lot­ted weigh­tages as per their pri­or­ity, based on the feed­back of con­sumers.

Con­sumer Feed­back (20 Points)

We have al­lot­ted a max­i­mum of 20 points for cus­tomer feed­back. If one chooses the health pol­icy care­fully at the time of buy­ing it, she can safely as­sume that the health cover is in­deed avail­able to her and that ex­cept for re­newal of the pol­icy on its ex­piry, there is ab­so­lutely no af­ter­sales ser­vice re­quired un­less a claim is filed. Go­ing by this yard­stick, we have thought it ex­pe­di­ent to as­sess cus­tomer ser­vice ac­cord­ingly.

Things to Re­mem­ber

The terms and con­di­tions change ev­ery year. Take a health pol­icy for a longer ten­ure to save

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