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Unit price: Unit price gives a fair idea about cheaper and costlier brands. Among the as­sessed brands here, Un­cle Chipps is the cheap­est and Parle’s the costli­est. Salt per­cent­age: For an adult, about five grams of salt per day is the rec­om­mended in­take. Salted potato chips are loaded with salt. As per la­bel claim, salt per­cent­age in the as­sessed brands var­ied from one per cent to two per cent. Parle’s claim of 2 per cent salt means its 50 grams of chips will pro­vide 1 gram salt, which is 20 per cent of an adult’s daily re­quire­ment. We also tested the salt per­cent­age at an NABLac­cred­ited lab­o­ra­tory. The per­cent­age var­ied from 1.04 per cent (Bingo) to 1.69 per cent (Parle’s). One brand claimed to have ‘mi­cro­light salt’ (ap­par­ently to re­duce salt con­sump­tion) but it was not re­flected in the lab­o­ra­tory test re­sult.

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