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There is no doubt that a sav­ings ac­count is by far the best op­tion for emer­gency funds. As the name sug­gests, sav­ings ac­count of­fers the high­est liq­uid­ity since you can ac­cess your bal­ance at any time di­rectly through the bank or through ATM. But if you are left with funds that are in ex­cess of emer­gency funds, then liq­uid funds are good op­tions. They en­deav­our to give you your money back the very next work­ing day, sub­ject to the re­ceipt of a valid re­demp­tion re­quest. In fact, liq­uid funds can be used for in­vest­ments rang­ing from a day up to one month or two months.

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