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Sen­sory eval­u­a­tion en­ables us to iden­tify and quan­tify cer­tain de­fects (fer­men­ta­tion, im­pu­ri­ties, off-odours and flavours). For this re­port, sen­sory tests were con­ducted in the food-and-nu­tri­tion depart­ment of a re­puted col­lege of Delhi Uni­ver­sity, un­der the guid­ance/su­per­vi­sion of pro­fes­sors and tech­ni­cal ex­perts.

The pan­el­lists judged the fol­low­ing pa­ram­e­ters on a five-point scale where 5 stood for ex­cel­lent, 4 for good, 3 for av­er­age, 2 for poor, and 1 for very poor. The av­er­age score for each pa­ram­e­ter is shown in the given ta­ble.

Colour and ap­pear­ance:

The colour of honey shall be uni­form through­out and may vary from light to dark brown. It shall be clear. When vis­ually in­spected, the honey shall be free of any for­eign mat­ter such as mould, dirt, scum, pieces of beeswax, frag­ments of bees and other in­sects, and any other ex­tra­ne­ous mat­ter.

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