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Yes. It’s all about com­fort­able seat­ing, least of jerks while brak­ing, and ut­most driv­ing plea­sure while on the go. Go for a car that pro­vides a lot of leg room be­tween the car seats. A seat that causes dis­com­fort or even a bumpy ride can make the drive very un­pleas­ant. Con­sumers are bom­barded with a lot of ‘tech­ni­cal­i­ties’ about the ‘salient fea­tures’ of the in­side of a car, but what it must all boil down to is com­fort and safety for the ul­ti­mate users.


Is there a trade-off be­tween safety and af­ford­abil­ity, is a ques­tion that you must ask of your­self. How much does it mean to you to have a car with life-sav­ing fea­tures such as airbags and anti-lock brak­ing sys­tem (ABS)? A baf­fling as­pect that has in re­cent times en­tered the public con­scious­ness is that most of the com­pa­nies op­er­at­ing in In­dia are global play­ers and pack their ex­port mod­els with top­notch safety fea­tures — even of­fer­ing six air bags on a com­pact car — whereas the mod­els meant for In­dia lack many of th­ese.

Do we sim­ply as­sume that a new mod­ern car is safe, or is it that we just don’t think about it? In any case, it will be handy to note that safety equip­ment on a car is usu­ally men­tioned in a sep­a­rate cat­e­gory un­der its spec­i­fi­ca­tions and fea­ture list.


Buy­ers should dwell on the tech­ni­cal spec­i­fi­ca­tions with re­gard to en­gine ca­pac­ity, ground clear­ance, torque, aero-dy­namism, etc.

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