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I am get­ting ha­rass­ment calls from bank’s re­cov­ery agents who claim that I de­faulted on a credit card in 2005. How­ever, I am not aware of any such card and asked them to send me the de­tails. In­stead of shar­ing de­tails, they started call­ing at my of­fice, on my home phone as well as on my mo­bile, and they speak in un­civ­i­lized and filthy lan­guage. They said they would not call only if I agreed to pay them the amount. I am feel­ing ha­rassed and hu­mil­i­ated and have al­ready re­ported the mat­ter to po­lice. It is my fun­da­men­tal right to pro­tect my re­spect and dig­nity and I hope the bank will also take nec­es­sary ac­tion. Asha Ahuja You have taken the right ac­tion by re­port­ing the mat­ter to the po­lice and the bank be­cause af­ter nine years the bank can­not com­pel you to make any pay­ment with­out dis­clos­ing the de­tails of the de­fault. You can also write to the bank re­quest­ing them to ask their re­cov­ery agents to stop mak­ing any calls to you; you may let them know that oth­er­wise you will file a com­plaint with the dis­trict con­sumer fo­rum for com­pen­sa­tion for ha­rass­ment and caus­ing men­tal ten­sion.

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