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With all the other things that you need to get done on any given day, your gro­cery shop­ping hap­pens like a regular chore – you ei­ther send a list to the lo­cal ki­rana store or move around with a trol­ley in a su­per­mar­ket. While at it, most of you do not re­ally re­al­ize that you are reg­u­larly pay­ing a bit more, and some­times a lot more, to your gro­cery sup­plier, be­cause you did not make that ex­tra ef­fort to ask about the price or some re­duc­tion on the max­i­mum re­tail price (MRP) printed on the packet. Why? Per­haps be­cause you be­lieve the MRP to be the last word on the price? In that case, wait till you know bet­ter.

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Mostly, you as­sume that MRP is the fi­nal max­i­mum rate at which a prod­uct can be sold to you, all be­cause it is printed on the packet. And you be­lieve that the MRP is the right price to pay – af­ter all, some of­fi­cial in some of­fice in some part of the coun­try is look­ing af­ter some reg­u­la­tion that has been made by some author­ity to en­sure that over­pric­ing does not cheat a con­sumer. It is only some­times that you dis­cuss with

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