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Even as they grap­ple with some fun­da­men­tal chal­lenges, broad­band ser­vice providers can­not af­ford to miss out on the most crit­i­cal as­pect – cus­tomer sat­is­fac­tion. While we are dis­cussing max­i­mum pen­e­tra­tion and ac­ces­si­bil­ity and are aim­ing for wide­spread reach of broad­band in the coun­try, the qual­ity of ser­vice that will come with reach still has a ques­tion mark on it.

With the pur­pose of un­der­stand­ing sat­is­fac­tion lev­els of con­sumers in ma­jor cities, where broad­band sup­pos­edly works the best, Con­sumer Voice con­ducted a con­sumer sat­is­fac­tion sur­vey. The team reached out to 2,984 broad­band users in Delhi, Gur­gaon, Jaipur, Luc­know, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Ghazi­abad and Meerut, and gath­ered qual­i­ta­tive in­puts from each one of them. This study is based on the SERVPERF model de­vel­oped by Cronin and Tay­lor (1992); it is a re­fined ver­sion of the SERVQUAL model de­vel­oped by Para­sur­a­man et al (1988). Broad­band users were asked to record their sat­is­fac­tion on the eight di­men­sions that make up the ser­vice qual­ity mea­sure­ment tool, on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is least sat­is­fied and 10 is most sat­is­fied. Th­ese di­men­sions are tan­gi­bil­ity, re­li­a­bil­ity, re­spon­sive­ness, as­sur­ance, em­pa­thy, net­work/tech­ni­cal qual­ity, econ­omy and con­ve­nience. In our study, th­ese di­men­sions cov­ered the fol­low­ing as­pects: Tan­gi­bil­ity deals with the phys­i­cal fa­cil­i­ties, equip­ment and ap­pear­ance of ser­vice provider’s

em­ploy­ees. Re­li­a­bil­ity means the op­er­a­tor’s abil­ity to per­form the promised ser­vices at stated level. Re­spon­sive­ness im­plies pro­vid­ing prompt ser­vices to their cus­tomers and will­ing­ness of the op­er­a­tor

to help cus­tomers. As­sur­ance rep­re­sents the knowl­edge and cour­tesy of em­ploy­ees and their abil­ity to in­spire trust and

con­fi­dence in their com­pany. Em­pa­thy in­di­cates the car­ing and per­son­al­ized at­ten­tion that the op­er­a­tor gives to their cus­tomers through mak­ing the en­tire process – start­ing from tak­ing the con­nec­tion till us­ing the ser­vices – easy for them. Net­work/tech­ni­cal qual­ity de­notes net­work avail­abil­ity, re­li­a­bil­ity and per­for­mance of ser­vices in

terms of avail­abil­ity of sig­nal, down­time, speed, etc. Econ­omy con­nects with the billing process of the op­er­a­tor, as in how eco­nom­i­cal the use of broad­band

ser­vice is for the cus­tomer. Con­ve­nience is the ease of ap­proach­ing the op­er­a­tor for any par­tic­u­lar ser­vice. Ap­ply­ing the ‘re­gres­sion anal­y­sis’, it was found that among th­ese eight di­men­sions em­pa­thy was the most im­pact­ing di­men­sion as it im­pacted the over­all sat­is­fac­tion the most. Tan­gi­bil­ity had the least im­pact on over­all sat­is­fac­tion. Here is the or­der of the eight di­men­sions as per their im­pact on over­all sat­is­fac­tion: 1. Em­pa­thy 2. As­sur­ance 3. Net­work 4. Econ­omy 5. Re­spon­sive­ness 6. Re­li­a­bil­ity 7. Con­ve­nience 8. Tan­gi­bil­ity

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