Sun­flower Oils

Their smoke point, es­sen­tial fats and health value

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It’s about their smoke point, es­sen­tial fats and health value

With a wide va­ri­ety to choose from, we of­ten find our­selves won­der­ing which cook­ing oil is best for us. The more we read on the sub­ject, the more in­for­ma­tion – and cat­e­gories of cook­ing oil – we find our­selves hav­ing to deal with. Rice bran? Ground­nut? Or should it be sun­flower? What about canola? Isn’t it the new­est toast of the health brigade? Since each holds a dif­fer­ent set of pros and cons, it re­ally is hard to pick one. What pa­ram­e­ters de­fine ‘healthy’ for us – the smok­ing point (a high smok­ing point means the oil holds on to its nu­tri­tional con­tent at higher tem­per­a­tures), the good mo­noun­sat­u­rated and polyun­sat­u­rated fats (as against bad sat­u­rated fats), or HDL (good) choles­terol? Is the oil good for heart health? And for lung health? With so many va­ri­eties and brands vy­ing for their share, the mar­ket is be­com­ing a highly com­pet­i­tive one. So, are all sun­flower oils suit­able for your con­sump­tion? Are all brands made equal – in other words, are they all as good as another and do they meet the ba­sic re­quire­ments? Are all man­u­fac­tur­ers keep­ing the prom­ises that they make? Are you ac­tu­ally get­ting the qual­ity and the quan­tity that you are pay­ing for? This re­port is a first-hand study of 13 brands avail­able with var­i­ous re­tail­ers in In­dia and the good news is that in the over­all score a mere seven points sep­a­rate the brands at the top and the bot­tom.

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