Some Fats That Are Good and Oth­ers That Are Bad For Hu­man Con­sump­tion

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Good Fat Re­duces bad choles­terol (LDL) lev­els and in­creases good choles­terol (HDL) lev­els Found in nuts and seeds, av­o­ca­dos, olive oil and canola oil


Good Fat Re­duces choles­terol lev­els

bad (LDL) Found in fatty fish such as salmon, mack­erel, trout and sar­dines, and also in corn, saf­flower, sun­flower and soy­bean oils


Bad Fat In­creases over­all choles­terol lev­els, es­pe­cially bad choles­terol Found in an­i­mal-based foods such as meat, poul­try and eggs, and also in but­ter, cream and other dairy prod­ucts Also found in plant-based prod­ucts such as co­conut, co­conut oil, palm oil and palm ker­nel oil, and co­coa but­ter


Bad Fat In­creases the bad choles­terol (LDL) level and de­creases good choles­terol (HDL) lev­els Found in hy­dro­genated fat prod­ucts such as mar­garines and veg­etable short­en­ings Used in pack­aged snack foods such as cook­ies, crack­ers and chips, and in fried foods

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