Cad­bury Dairy Milk Silk Caramello

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The pack­ag­ing fol­lows the blue, golden and white uni­for­mity with an added patch of gold­en­ish cream to dis­play the caramel flavour on it. The bar is slightly bulkier – thicker – than most of the other Dairy Milk vari­ants. The first bite into the bar and it just tran­scended me into heaven! The bar lives up to the Silk prom­ise and is fine on the tongue. Priced at Rs 70 for a 60 gram bar, any sweet lover will be over­whelmed by this one. How­ever, if I was asked about the chocolate I ex­pe­ri­enced, I would not have an an­swer. Rec­om­mended when you want to get an over­dose of sweet­ness. Chil­dren and sweet-starved adults will be de­lighted to have this.

Priced at Rs 70 for a 60 gram bar, it caters to the sweet tooth. Best when you want only pure sweet grat­i­fi­ca­tion. Did I eat a chocolate, though?

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